The State of the GOP

I hear a lot of complaining about the Republican Party these days. I share their frustration. How could it come to this? As the fourth year of the Obama era begins the state of the union is shaky at best. In 2008 an inexperienced leftist who donned a centrist disguise beat a weak opponent partly because the electorate was in such a state of shock that they were willing to ignore myriad red flags. I refer to his ultra-liberal voting record, murky background, radical friends and shady political pals. A lapdog media wasn’t interested in doing any vetting — opting instead to just cheer-lead.

The recent State of the Union was full of the same old stuff: congratulating himself for perceived accomplishments and complaining about Republican obstructionism. It’s pure trash and he knows it – but he’s betting that the American electorate will swallow it once again.
Anyone curious enough to look beyond the pliant press would have found that Obama’s speech was in many instances a word-for-word rehash of his previous “SOTU’s” here:


Further analysis shows his tax claims to be demonstrably false, here:

With evidence like that this election should be easy right? Obama is a now known quantity and the mask has been ripped off the entire Democrat Party. They marched in lockstep to shove Obamacare down our throats, bypassing an honest legislative process and ignoring the will of the people, including those in uber-liberal Massachusetts who voted for Scott Brown on that issue alone. They have reclaimed the crown as the biggest spenders – quickly eclipsing the Republicans of the previous era. Annual deficits are now running $1.5 TRILLION and we have nothing to show for it.

We should be planning our election night parties – and yet…

It is a mess. Many are fearful that we’re paving the way for Obama to be re-elected. From a very large field full of flawed candidates we’re left with a clueless Mitt Romney fending off desperate attacks from a flailing Newt Gingrich and the Republican Party seems to be doing the Democrats’ dirty work for them. We’re told by self-proclaimed experts that Romney is the only “electable” candidate and yet the guy has no track record of winning. The one time he did he passed a government-run health care bill that paved the way for the mess we’re trying to get repealed.

While Newt’s failures as Speaker of the House have been misrepresented – and his major victories diminished – Mitt is mostly given a free pass. Santorum is the non-Romney of the month but he is a lightweight punching out of his weight class. Ron Paul is given exactly the attention he deserves: credit for his criticism of our dangerous fiscal / monetary policy and scorn for his dangerously naïve foreign policy. Has anyone noticed that he is attracting the youth vote?

But how did the Republican Party let this happen? Well, let’s think about it for a minute. Who is the Republican Party? It’s the candidates who run as Republicans and the people who vote for them. It’s the current crop of elected officials who still self-identify with the party and caucus with them. Let’s not forget the Murkowskis of the world who are only Republican when it’s convenient, or the traders like Jeffords and Specter who changed teams. It is also the RNC – but they really only get involved AFTER the primaries, funneling money where it is most needed in closely fought general elections.

The candidates are a reflection of what we as voters demand. For too long we settled for mushy compromising centrists like Bush and McCain who did nothing to curtail spending or the rampant encroachments on our freedoms. I am not letting the Republicans in Congress off the hook. Spending bills start there. We have a President – not a king. Obama is clearly irritated by that. But the Republicans have not stood united as a party and held their ground. They should have been there all along saying. “We simply cannot afford this level of spending. We can’t defend our country and fund out-of-control entitlement programs. We cannot suspend the laws of economics to give houses to those who cannot afford mortgage payments. We will destroy our economy if we do.”

Nope. They reached across the aisle and danced around the third rails of politics and took the easy way out. McCain was one of them and Newt Gingrich was too. Romney pretends to “Mr. Private Sector” but he didn’t trust it to deal with the health care industry. It is no wonder attacks on him have stuck.

So the Tea Party was born. They are more loosely organized than the GOP. They do not have the big money yet. They only have a few true believers in office now; young leaders like Marco Rubio. Old phonies like Newt are merely pretenders trying to harness their energy. But the Tea Party activists at least have clear principles: smaller, efficient government; low, flat taxes; balanced budgets: strong foreign policy; free markets.

The debates are a disgrace. Who agreed to this? The RNC? This was a blown opportunity to clarify what the GOP platform is to be. We should be discerning not just where the candidates are different but where they agree. Liberal TV commentators should not be involved. Their slanted, “gotcha” questions waste precious time and give the Democrats advantages they should not be granted. Who lets the other team into the huddle?

Who are the party “leaders” who convinced Chris Christie and Paul Ryan not to run? Why didn’t those candidates seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? If Romney wins and does well, he is odds-on to run again and make it an 8 year wait for GOP contenders. Then maybe the pendulum swings left again. If Romney wins and lacks the will to make the bold moves we won’t get the recovery we need. Voters will tire and be susceptible to more “hope and change”. There are lots of ways that it adds up to a 12 year wait for these rising stars. This is their best chance and our best chance.

Now we are in a primary cycle where the voters are unanimous in their support for “none of the above” Not Romney and not the non-Romneys either. I think a brokered election would be thrilling and historic — but wait – the GOP wants to screw that up too. Their idea of a “White Knight” late-entry candidate?

Jeb Bush. (Crickets)

Are they tone deaf? Sure, I know all about Jeb. He’s the smartest Bush. That is beyond irrelevant. This country is not in the mood for another Bush while still suffering from a great deal of the fallout from the financial crisis that began during his brother’s term. Sorry Jeb.

I am still optimistic. True change does not happen quickly in a world still suffering from an epidemic of incumbency. Only we can impose the term limits that are so desperately needed.

They say we get the government we deserve. I am sure I am not the only one who feels I deserve better than this. I work, pay taxes, get informed, get involved and then vote.

There is a battle for the soul of the GOP. There is a call for return to core principles as opposed to watered-down liberalism or “compassionate conservatism”. The Democrats are in a state of denial about theirs. Obama is being attacked from the left for not doing enough. Incredible. “Moderate” Democrats don’t seem bothered that their party has been taken over by de facto socialists.

The silver lining in this mess is that at least Republican voters are showing that they care about character as this search for the non-Romney goes on. Democrats were too eager to embrace scripted charisma in an empty suit. We can do better. We will. Hopefully soon.

Pat Duggan


Romney Wins But Still a Liberal

The only positive development in the wake of the early primaries is that fewer bad candidates are now running.

The GOP is to blame for this. They lack leadership at virtually all levels. The recent negotiations over the Keystone pipeline were completely bungled with Republicans battling Republicans and seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.

They do not have a cohesive message. If they did it would be clear to all that Mitt’s message doesn’t match. McCain would’ve flunked the same test. Now McCain has endorsed Romney. Is that supposed to soothe our collective anxiety about this deeply flawed candidate?

Romney says his experience in the private sector is what qualifies him for the top office. Then why did he think private industry couldn’t handle health care and insurance?

Romney says his plan was appropriate for states – but not OK at the national level.

Please. Here in Illinois we’ll soon have two consecutive Governors in Jail, with 4 of the last 8 convicted. Our state is broke with unfunded pensions that rank us last in terms of fiscal stability. Yup, just let our corrupt politicians run our health care and insurance systems.

This is area of greatest vulnerability and yet his debate opponents haven’t made the point. Instead, they attack him from the left with talking points that sound like they were lifted from a rant.

His work at Bain Capital is worth noting. Dysfunctional companies were restructured to make them profitable. Profitable companies create long-lasting jobs. Unprofitable ones come begging for bailouts.

Obama “invested” OUR money in Solyndra. That is a stark contrast that should help any eventual GOP nominee. Shame on the other Republican candidates for attacking free-market capitalism.

I’d like to know if Mitt would work some of that magic on the energy and education departments. Would he fire thousands of bureaucrats and make our government more efficient?

Does Mitt understand that while companies benefit from a hands-on management, government serves best when it interferes least?

Why is Romney considered to be the only one who can win when his election record is abysmal? He has won exactly one election. He then promptly “reached across the aisle” to pass a disastrous health care plan that is driving up health care and insurance costs just as predicted.

The GOP can’t afford this. Romney will only further harm the GOP brand. They need a candidate who believes in small government, the constitution and free markets. A true supply sider would set the economy on the road to recovery. Romney is a big government hack who would engage in more Keynesian nonsense. He has pledged a currency war with China and would further devalue the dollar throwing gas on the inflation fire already burning.

We will likely be stuck with Romney. Our principled criticism should not be toned down. What we want transcends party lines: a balanced budget, smaller, more efficient government, fewer encroachments on our personal freedoms, and government completely out of the housing business. I want to hear it in the debates against Obama. It is the only time both sides pay attention.

The various tea party groups have a lot of work to do. They did not have a candidate in this race –despite claims to the contrary. Bachmann and others may have tried to harness their energy but it is the new leaders, like Marco Rubio, who were elected due to their influence. The time will come for someone like him to grab the brass ring. For Now Rubio and Paul Ryan need to work hard to exert the powers of Congress; first to battle Obama, and later to bring reform with a Republican President. Our economy would benefit greatly from a sense that stability was returning. Tax policy that lasts for two months is unsettling for business and markets. Shame on the GOP for going along with such an asinine plan.

In the meantime we should take solace in the understanding that if it’s Romney, he will merely be our President – not king as Obama seems to think.

Pat Duggan

Victory in Wisconsin

Polls regarding the recent Republican victory in Wisconsin are close, with some indicating public disapproval of the union busting maneuvers. Take them with a large dose of salt.

Polls can be worded in ways that promote a desired outcome. Emotions are running high and misinformation is being spread.

The public doesn’t officially weigh in until the next election. Between now and then the Republicans will have time to more fully explain the budget numbers. As more tax payers come to understand that public sector unions expect us to pay ever-higher taxes to perpetuate their gold-plated compensation packages, sentiment will shift and solidify on the side of Governor Walker and the elected majority.

The hypocrisy of the “flee-baggers” stands in glaring contrast to the honorable Republicans who cast their losing votes on Obamacare and then looked for constitutional methods to fight back while preparing for the next election-which they won handily. That process continues with efforts to de-fund that Obamanation led by Rep. Michele Bachmann who has helped to expose $105 billion in costs buried in the bill.

The Tea Party energizes new Republicans by demonstrating rock-solid support for this brand of tough, no-nonsense politics.

Pat Duggan

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Chicago Tea Party Patriots February Meeting

Wednesday, February 9th was the monthly meeting of the Chicago Tea Party Patriots, delayed by a week due to our epic blizzard. Once again “Blackie’s” in the south loop provided a great venue for the gathering of well-informed and concerned citizens. The agenda was jam packed-yet participation was encouraged via Q and A. The featured speakers are almost always available after as well.

Jeff Tucek reported on his mission to shed light on the huge, unaddressed state-pension liability crisis. Jeff has used his talents and background in the private sector to secure meetings with a number of suburban mayors to explore the issue at the Municipal level. I would describe his efforts as in the fact-finding stages and he is preparing a formal report. We can expect some shocking and eye-opening numbers based on what we heard. The public-sector unions and the elected officials who do their bidding have created a situation which is unsustainable. Their preferred solution of raising taxes cannot close the gap.

Next up was Dr. Albert Pecherek, President of The United States Independent Physicians Association. Their website is full of valuable information including a YouTube video featuring Dr. Pecherek that closely resembles the speech he gave at the meeting. Part of the message is that we cannot count on the Supreme Court to overturn the “Obamacare” bill. The best we could hope for is a 5-4 victory, and the age of the Supreme Court justices alone is cause for concern. Full repeal by Congress is our only sure remedy. Arm yourself with the facts and call and write our elected representatives. The USIPA website is a great place to start. Fewer doctors, rising costs and rationing are the nightmare that awaits us if we don’t repeal this government takeover.

Dr. Kurt Erickson is a cardiologist in Chicago and a regular meeting participant. He spoke of his personal experiences both as a physician and an employer of 140 in his medical group, all of whom are provided with health insurance. He has submitted alternative plans for health care reform with no response from Congress. He shared some of the details with a few of us after the formal speeches and Q and A.

This face-to-face interaction is common to these meetings. There is an informal atmosphere that gives attendees a chance to ask that extra question while the meeting stays on schedule.  This is not a forum for the airing of grievances-this is for concerned citizens looking to get involved.

Last up was John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute. John was one of the featured speakers at the April 15, 2009 “Tax Day Tea Party” rally in Chicago. John was ready for the quickly assembled rally because the Institute has been actively working for reform in Illinois for years. Because of organizations like this, the grass-roots efforts that have taken shape in the last two years were able to gain traction quickly. John spoke about the recent income-tax rate hike in Illinois and the efforts led by the Institute to repeal it. Visit their website and sign the repeal petition. He also engaged in an interesting exchange with Steve Boulton of the Chicago Republican Party about local media.

Eloise Gerson, Chairman of the Chicago GOP wrote to WTTW Channel 11 in Chicago to note the lack of balance via Republican or conservative points of view on the “Chicago Tonight” program. WTTW has never responded. Mr. Tillman suggested a visible carbon copy on the next email letting WTTW know that the public funding of their station would be called into question. He then described his experience with WTTW and the large staff assembled to conduct an interview, contrasting it with Fox News and their remote cameras in a frequently empty room. The private sector keeps to a budget. Public Television, like much of the public sector, does not live in the real world.

The Monthly Tea Party meetings continue to provide a great forum with varied topics and a way to get or stay involved. And the burger deals are fantastic so get there before the 7:00 cutoff!

Pat Duggan

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Shooter Is Insane-Not Right Wing

I watched the tragic Arizona shooting unfold on Fox News so I was disappointed that I had to hear some reported comments about Tea Party-type protests at Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s townhalls and rallies. That such things were being said on CNN was no surprise. We didn’t even know if the poor woman was dead or alive and these creeps were using her tragedy to bring attention to their agenda. “Never let a crisis go to waste” I guess?

It quickly gets worse. Sarah Palin was quickly blamed by many on the left. Crazed Muslims can commit murder while shouting, “Allah Akbar” and we are not allowed to “jump to conclusions”-but Sarah Palin can’t use metaphors. LINK

This column seems to be disappointed the shooter was not a “card-carrying tea party member”. LINK

Which reminds me: why didn’t I get my tea party membership card?

I prefer my economists to be more level headed-and to have a rational approach to  economics. Krugman has hit a new low in biased drivel. LINK

John Hayward at Human Events deals with Krugman better than I ever could here: LINK

Examples of left-wing violence are everywhere, from: ELF and WTO Protesters to Bill Ayers.

An Ann Coulter event was canceled due to threats from left wing extremists: LINK

The left is losing the battle of ideas (oops, battle sounds kind of violent) so they stoop to the worst kind of smears.

Pat Duggan


More good commentary from the Wall Street Journal LINK and LINK.

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Sarah Palin Can’t Win

I like Sarah Palin, I really do. When oil was spiking to all time highs Larry Kudlow interviewed the Governor of Alaska. She was attractive and intelligent and very well versed in the energy arena. Her track record as Governor is impressive. We need a lot more politicians just like her. She started on the City Council, then Mayor and onto Governor, all while raising a family. She remains grounded.

As the VP derby got into swing her name was tossed about but it seemed Pawlenty or one of the others who’d been fully vetted would get the nod. When McCain made his surprise announcement I was pleasantly surprised. She was then and remains now a better candidate and politician than McCain, who has “reached across the aisle” to sponsor some horrible legislation. Who knows, if he were elected we might have passed “cap and trade”.

She made a splash with her convention speech and her vibrant style. But the buzz didn’t last long. It was evident from the start that this was a campaign stunt by McCain and it failed as miserably as his “suspend my campaign” gag.

Soon we heard she had a pregnant teenage daughter. This alone should have steered McCain elsewhere. Then came the interviews where she couldn’t name the papers she reads. Snotty Charlie Gibson posed the “Bush Doctrine” gotcha question.  As sick as I am of slick politicians who don’t give direct answers I am more nauseated by the liberal media. That said her handling of that was amateurish at best. I prefer not to defend her answer. McCain and Palin both had to know that only Mr. 57 states would be cut any slack and anyone who threatened the inevitability of the chosen one would be attacked mercilessly.

I’ve said that I or many of my friends would make a better President than Obama and I am not kidding. Sarah Palin was the best candidate of the four top ticket nominees. Biden is a buffoon and McCain is not even a good senator. Obama is proving to be the disaster many of us warned of.

Sarah Palin is many things Obama is not. She is an unapologetic, patriotic American. She is a capable administrator with an understanding and appreciation of American business and free market capitalism. She would have surrounded herself with the best and picked a competent cabinet. We will never know how good she could have been.

McCain-Palin lost. It’s impossible to know if a proper VP choice, say Sen. Tom Coburn or Gov. Tim Pawlenty would have made a difference. Frankly, I think a president McCain might have done more harm than good. What further damage would he have done to the Republican brand? What would have been the result of the midterms? Who would win in 2012? Probably a Democrat.

As horrifying as the Obama era has been so far, we can hope to repeal much of the horror-but we’ll need a Republican president to sign the bills.

So what candidate gives us the best chance to take the White House? I think there are several quality candidates who are likely to enter the race-and there is Chris Christie. He is adamant that he is not running. The best reason to think he might be persuaded comes from Ann Coulter: “Because the country needs him.” Christie gives us two big things: the right stances on the issues and an incredible ability to speak bluntly. There are many candidates who can deliver the right message but a Christie / Obama debate would be fantastic television.

First let’s toss out virtually the entire 2008 primary crowd. Mitt Romney can’t seem to admit his colossal health care mistake as Governor of Massachusetts. He is not the guy to champion repeal of Obamacare. Giuliani is a great executive and has an interesting blend of fiscal conservatism and social centrism but he seemed unable to run a national campaign. I doubt he can repair that image. Huckabee is a TV huckster now and would not be backed by the tea parties. Ron Paul is too far out.

Newt Gingrich was not a candidate then and I doubt he will be in 2012. He’s thought to be smart but his ego was and is a problem. Sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi calling for action on climate change is a deal killer. Shame on you Newt. When smart people do stupid things we are left to wonder.


Pence, Perry, Thune and DeMint. Don’t think so.

From the short list we’ll hear about Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, Mitch Daniels and Bobby Jindal. I’m ruling Daniels out for his embrace of a VAT tax. That is unforgivable. While his record in Indiana is solid, some of what he tried to do and didn’t, like raise taxes, disqualify him. Jindal can recover from that awful speech. Barbour and Pawlenty are fine. It’s all about the message.

Charles Krauthammer says 2012 will be the year that dull can win. It will be a backlash to the Obama style over substance debacle. I don’t know about that. Charisma matters-but a little can go a long way. It will take a combination of enough charisma and solid, even perfect pitch on the issues.

We need to hear a message about pro-business policies; how low, steady tax rates are essential for the growth that will bring jobs. Our next president will be proud of America and proud to be an American. No more apology tours. He or she will point out that bad government policy led to the economic crisis-not tax rates that were lowered in 2003 and brought years of prosperity and increased revenue.

We didn’t know Bill Clinton just a few years before he became president. Clearly most voters didn’t know enough about Obama before voting for him, no thanks to the mainstream media. It’s possible we will get to know a Pawlenty or other candidate much better in the months to come.

What’s crucial right now is that we avoid recycling the hacks form the past, doomed candidates like Newt Gingrich, Huckabee and Romney. And it is crucial that we do not nominate Sarah Palin.

She is everywhere and not in a good way. There’s the Alaska reality show and her idiot daughter on Dancing with the Stars. Please. She is not helping her image. It doesn’t matter. She is damaged goods. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

I don’t care if the GOP base loves her. You win elections by winning the independents. That is what puts you over the top. They voted for Obama in droves. They hate Palin. They think she’s stupid. She’s not. It doesn’t matter. When they vote they don’t have to reveal that they just can’t stand her voice-or whatever.

This country simply cannot afford to re-elect Obama-or will it be Hillary this time? It doesn’t matter. If we don’t repeal Obamacare and get this economy on track we’re in big trouble. We can’t afford a couple more liberals on the Supreme Court. We can’t afford to kick the entitlement pyramid down the road a few more years.

Sarah Palin has a good gig now. She needs to do the right thing and announce right now that she is not running. She should issue a statement that says she will endorse the Republican candidate, whoever that may be. She should express hope that they are free market advocates who believe in American exceptionalism and a strong defense.

The left loves her now because they view her as the unserious, weak and beatable candidate. If Obama breezes into the primaries without a serious challenge from Hillary or another lefty then Democrats can jump over and vote in the GOP primary in many states. The primary system is already a joke. It gave us McCain before we here in Illinois got to vote. We can’t let them pick Palin for us this time.

Sarah Palin is a good American and a good Republican. She needs to bow out now so the serious contenders can duke it out.

Pat Duggan

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Election Recap

I sent a letter to the Tribune today. I do not yet know if they will print it. Brevity is not my strength but it’s essential to have a chance in the paper. Below is my short attempt to recap the election, followed by what I would have liked to include.

The letter:

There is much to take away from the mid-term election results. Sure this was a rejection of Obama’s agenda and the Democrat party but it is not, as some pundits allege, an empty victory for the GOP. They won in key areas where they embraced candidates who espouse the principles that the tea parties advocate: fiscal responsibility, smaller government and respect for the Constitution. Quality candidates like Rand Paul won by large margins. Marco Rubio is a rising star.

Weak candidates lost. Christine O’Donnell was not ready for prime time but her embrace of tea party ideals was not her undoing. Some solid candidates lost close elections while being abandoned by the GOP organization. Sharron Angle put up a good fight but could not overcome the big union push for Harry Reid and the lack of support from her own party. Joe Miller may lose to write in candidate Lisa Murkowski after she lost the GOP primary. The party should have put a stop to that. They will lose control of their own primary system if they are not careful.

Like California, Illinois is late to the party. Public sector unions got out the vote for their Democrats. They know that the first step toward fiscal sanity is pension reform-so they fought it. They have delayed the inevitable. Chris Christie in New Jersey has noted that these same people will thank him some day. The current cuts may be painful but it is the only way to save the system. Illinois newcomers Joe Walsh and Adam Kinzinger are a great step in the new direction. There will be more.

The unaffiliated grass roots organizations are the driving force that is resulting in a new Republican party. They know that George Bush did not clamp down on spending and gave the Democrats an opening. The new GOP will restore fiscal restraint as a key plank. They know that respect for these core principles is what attracts the independents-not mushy moderation. America needs to take big steps forward. The Gop can lead the way.

If Chicago and greater Illinois voters don’t wrest control of their government from career hacks intent on continued borrowing they will face a certain future of departing businesses, higher unemployment and higher taxes at every turn.

End of letter.

The problems wasn’t / isn’t the tea parties-it’s the mainstream party’s inability to harness their energy and the unwillingness to hear the message.

The GOP organizations have treated the tea parties the way print journalists treat bloggers-like something you stepped in.

On election eve I ran into a neighbor who said she’d been hard at work “getting out the vote.” I told her I’d be attending some victory parties the next few days. She furrowed her brow. When I specified I’d be at the local Tea party post-election meeting she shook her head. “They’re just so extreme.” Her concern was evident. You’d think I’d just announced I was on heroin. There was more. She was insulting. I nipped it in the bud. I told her I didn’t appreciate her tone. “I’ve been there-you haven’t” I said. “What is extreme about stopping the deficits and upholding the Constitution?”

She came back with her talking points: two unfunded wars, TARP, stimulus, “tax cuts to the rich”…all of it verified by and the CBO. Never mind that one is a left wing outlet and the other is a typical government agency abused by politicians who know how to game the system. Their Obamacare math has already been exposed as fiction. I assured her I could produce data that showed lower tax RATES can and have produced increased revenue. Even JFK knew that. I noted that top rates had been 70% to 90% for most of the previous century. LINK

“What gives anyone, anywhere, at any time the right to take 70% of anybody’s anything?”

“Well maybe there’s people who need it more…” OK, I said, that’s socialism. There was no need to continue. In fact I knew it would be a complete waste of my time. That’s why I launched Center Debate, to have discussions among the open minded-not hard core leftists convinced that there is no other truth.

I attended the monthly Chicago tea party meeting last night (November 3). It  was a victory party. The guest speaker was Joel Pollack who lost to entrenched, uber liberal Jan Schakowsky in Chicago’s 9th Congressional district. I was SO IMPRESSED by Joel Pollack. He made a short classy speech and then took tough questions for an hour. Smart answers to each. This guy is ready. Now that Pelosi has been dethroned Jan and her flying monkeys can assume a more prominent position in the socialist party.

So what’s next? The various tea parties will continue to meet and work to promote better candidates. They’ll hand out pocket constitutions (an ongoing project here in Chicago). They will continue to influence the reshaping of the GOP.

The GOP needs to put an end to the left wing talking points of “tax cuts to the rich” and “the failed policies of George Bush”. The housing bubble was driven by liberal housing policy and government sponsored agencies like Fannie Mae. This scandal remains unaddressed.

The debate is about tax RATES-not tax cuts. There hasn’t been a tax cut in 7 years. They are not checks handed out. It’s not money that grows on the government tree. It’s OUR money and we get to decide how much we’ll give the government to cover constitutionally-appropriate shared services.

Karl Rove had W’s ear for all those years that he didn’t veto the spending increases, didn’t fight harder for GSE reform and didn’t take on the entitlement mess. We need strategists who can shape a message that these are the issues we need to face now or our very future is at stake.

Chris Christie is the model. Nobody does it better-but it is not un-learnable. Christie may be too early in his job as Governor to take the next step. Rubio hasn’t even been sworn in as Senator-yet and I see him as a future president. Only Obama would be allowed to skip a pay grade.

Pat Duggan

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Why I’ll Vote for Republicans This Time

I was raised by Democrats. Politics back then was dominated by Vietnam and Watergate. Nixon would become a perfect villain. I voted for many Democrats over the years but I no longer can. Like Reagan, I did not leave the Democrat party-they left me. When all 60 Democrat Senators voted in lockstep to begin the transformation of our health care system to a socialized model they revealed their true agenda for all to see. I will be voting exclusively for Republicans in this election and for the foreseeable future. I see reason to be optimistic about the party where not so long ago there was none.

Like many, I was not happy with the big spending of the Bush administration-but I knew the role of a Democrat-controlled Congress and had no illusions about what they’d do with Obama as President and potential super majorities. I was not a fan of John McCain and it frustrated me that the Illinois primary was rendered irrelevant. The GOP lost its way, elections, Congress and the White House. They have been slow to change. During the special elections and the primaries the old party establishment made poor decisions, throwing support to deeply flawed candidates. They are to blame for New York liberal Dede Scozzafava, who withdrew and endorsed a Democrat; Mike Castle who lost to long shot Christine O’Donnell and RINO poster boy Mark Kirk.

The Democrats were handed a golden opportunity and threw it away. Independents who were taken in by Obama’s vague slogans and centrist posing were shocked by the far left agenda pushed through after they took control. The atrocious health care bill was jammed through against the will of the majority. Obama’s apology tour was a disgrace. Americans know their history. They also know intuitively that pork barrel spending is not the solution, and calling it “stimulus” doesn’t change that.

The pendulum swing to the right is the result of once-again disillusioned voters running from the Democrat party, and the TEA party’s growing influence over the GOP. The core TEA party message is simple: We balance our budgets and expect Washington to do the same. It is a shot over the bow to both parties: if you don’t heed our message we will form a third party. The GOP is getting the message. The Democrats have attempted to distort the message and smear the messenger. It’s not working. Americans understand the TEA party and are insulted by Obama’s insinuations that we’re not thinking clearly and acting out of fear.

Americans are tired of career politicians who crow about their experience but can’t defend their sorry track record, our massive debt and the entitlement liabilities. The response is that more doctors and businessmen running, and leading in the polls. The battle cry is repeal of Obamacare and more. This is a push for a new GOP-not a replay of either Bush era. We want to end the era of permanent government programs. We are working to bring the GOP back to fundamental policies of free markets and small government. The TEA party is changing the political landscape the way the internet transformed media and Fox changed cable news.

As a Chicagoan I live in a city, county, and state controlled by Democrats. All are in debt and unable to make the tough decisions required to balance their budgets. Record high taxes are driving business to other states and we are hemorrhaging jobs. The incumbents have failed and deserve to be fired. This is not about which party has failed, they both have at times. This is more about the tax payers sending a strong rebuke to the political class and their cronies and regaining the power that the Constitution grants us. We will support the party that best represents those values. Right now the Republican party is our best bet. If they mishandle that responsibility then a full-fledged TEA party may emerge.

Pat Duggan

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GOP Needs to Clarify Their Message

Yes, Republicans are going to win a lot of seats next month. They should take the House and have a decent chance of splitting the Senate. Even with 50 the RINO factor will dilute their power and Obama maintains the veto. Most importantly though, voters are rejecting Democrats more than they are embracing Republicans. Only to the extent that they follow through on TEA party planks and real fiscal restraint will they build momentum going into 2012.

The economy is still a mess. Unemployment is officially 9.6% but everyone understands that the real figure is much higher. Not only have Obama and the Democrats in congress not made this a priority, choosing to jam through a health care bill that a clear majority of Americans opposed, they’ve attempted to obfuscate their non-fix by inventing the ridiculous new talking point that claims they “saved or created” millions of jobs. This attempt to claim the un-measureable only further damages whatever credibility they have left. Voters are reminded that the Democrats’ default economic plan is always to raise taxes and grow government. This has never created a job and it never will.

FDR presided over a long depression. We have term limits because of him. Obama and the Democrats have embraced his failed theories with predictable results. Hammer that home and spell out the solution in short sound bite worthy terms. Free Enterprise and the American Dream.

Obamacare is being revealed to be a 2,000 page package of lies. If the GOP is not 100% committed to repeal of this mess expect the TEA party to abandon ship and launch a true third party. This would do certain short term damage to the GOP. Luckily the Democrat party is self destructing without the TEA party’s help.

The housing mess that is at the core of the ongoing economic crisis was decades in the making and is far from over. The congress could spend the bulk of the remainder of Obama’s first and final term investigating Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Community Reinvestment Act. If they started soon they might be able to derail Rahm Emanuel’s campaign for mayor Chicago. Last I checked there is no such plan. Foreclosures continue and prices are barely stabilizing.

The GOP needs to get on top of this now. The campaign for President in 2012 begins the day after the midterm elections. There is zero chance that the economy is going to recover in any significant way. The FED has short term interest rates at zero and holding. Their “quantitative easing” policy (printing money) is sure to result in a troublesome round of inflation as the gold market is now signaling. They’ve already deployed whatever weapons they have.

That is no substitute for pro-growth economic policy. The Republican Party needs a national campaign that will give voters a crash course in economics that will help them understand the role that liberal housing policy has played in distorting markets and causing the bubble that, when it popped, endangered the banking and economic system.

The solution is what has always worked before: low taxes and a government that gets out of the way and lets business people run their businesses without non-stop interference. The GOP lost their way and their identity. The party needs to circle the wagons and get everyone on the same page. Across the board spending cuts mean there are no sacred cows. Earmarks should be declared dead. Lastly, they need to tell the truth about social security. Chris Christie has shown that constituents can handle the truth. This is the best way to disarm the favorite Democrat TV commercials: “Joe Republican wants to take away your social security”.

The truth is that Congress took it long ago and spent it on bridges to nowhere. The party that tells the truth will be forgiven-sort of. The other one will bear the brunt of the blame. Democrats deserve to be the symbol of bankrupt entitlements. Help them take ownership of it.

Pat Duggan

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Tea Partiers are Ready for Their First Mid Term Election

Wednesday evening I attended the October monthly meeting of the Chicago Tea Party. Featured speakers were Isaac Hayes, the GOP nominee running against Jesse Jackson Jr. (or Senate candidate #5 in FBI reports on Blago’s attempted seat sale) and recent candidate for the Illinois GOP governor nomination, political commentator and radio fill-in Dan Proft. It was the usual lively event with a call for action in the final month approaching the midterm elections with lots of tight races among an expected overall GOP victory. Isaac is ready for congress despite the Chicago Tribune’s gutless “no endorsement” in that race. Dan Proft did a great job of explaining why we prefer the sometimes less polished candidates that agree with our principles and will vote for them over the slick insiders who only sell us out later.

There was various media in attendance including a videographer for CBS evening news. I heard the poor fellow confessing to the owner of host venue, Blackie’s in the south “Loop”, that he’d forgotten his headset and begging to borrow any kind of replacement. Maybe that is why the few seconds of tape that appeared on the Thursday evening news were accompanied only by a Katie Couric voice over and no interviews-all this despite his non-stop 2 hours plus of taping.

Naturally I Tivo’d and watched  the news cast. It is being promoted as an ongoing series on the final month of the campaign. They did their best to smear the TEA party movement and diminish their impact but I doubt it had any effect. Katie Couric’s numbers are at all time lows. LINK

They tried to jam a lot into their 2-3 minute segment. Lots of internal polls designed to show that TEA party activists are white, male, protestant and inclined to vote Republican anyway. This should come as no surprise. The GOP is hearing the message and embracing it. Despite some party insiders insisting on trotting out the same old RINO’s voters are nominating fresh blood. One poll question mirrored the one asked of the Chicago organizer Steve Stevlic: Would the economy have been better off if we allowed the banks to fail? In the interview the car companies were included. This is a transparent apology for bailout-Obamanomics. Sure the economy sucks but it could have been worse-right?

Overall I would describe the coverage as worthless / harmless. It was slanted but mostly just so superficial as to be a waste of viewers’ time. I guess that was their goal: don’t give the TEA party any unnecessary free PR.

In closing the “reporter” Dean Reynolds sighted one last poll that claimed only “22% of Americans view the movement favorably.”

This is nonsense. More than 50% support the TEA party to some degree and would vote for a candidate they support. LINK

The left is in full tantrum now. They have no rational response to a true grass roots effort that focuses on simple, key issues:

1.    Fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, like every household and business manages through good and bad times.

2.    Lower spending that reverts back to constitutionally endorsed basics.

3.    Tax rates that are kept low to allow for free enterprise to flourish with a nod to the Laffer curve.

4.    Accountability in government: citizen legislators as opposed to career political hacks.

Two thirds of America supported Obama after his election despite only 53% voting for him. This shows the inherent optimism of the American people. They’re even good losers. Now two thirds don’t approve of the direction we’re heading. 80% don’t approve of congress. This is what feeds the TEA party with energy. This is not racism. These are the same people that knew government run health care was a bad idea when it was called “Hillarycare”. This is about economics. Only the desperate Democrats think these are racial issues.

Pat Duggan

This Guy is Brilliant

After all, he agrees with me. 🙂 The TEA party movement is about bigger things. The GOP organization, such as it is, and the professional commentators are in a snit because Delaware voters didn’t follow instructions. Maybe it’s because those prognosticators didn’t foresee / warn / prevent RINO poster boy McCain from seizing and then squandering the GOP presidential nomination leading us to this current predicament. Especially Michael Medved.


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TEA Party Principles

Principles. The TEA party voters have them. Not every candidate is going to be as charismatic and polished as Marco Rubio. But the TEA party movement is consistent in their standards of rejection.

I continue to disagree with Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer-not for their analysis, Christine O’Donnell has an uphill battle-but for their at-the-finish-line criticism of the TEA party for holding their ground. We would not be pondering a GOP senate majority if not for this grass roots movement, their rallies and their consistent message. To throw all that away at the finish line and throw our support behind a schmuck like Mike Castle would be throwing in the towel and cutting a deal with the devil. We would become those that we despise.

We may lose this battle but we will win the war. It is not the fault of the upstarts that the entrenched organizations couldn’t draft better candidates. The message being sent will echo as we are introduced to the next crop of primary candidates for the 2012 elections.

Despite the Scott Brown shock it was too late to draft better GOP challengers for this cycle. Illinois and the ridiculous Mark Kirk are proof. I’ll vote for him-and I would vote for Christine O’Donnell without hesitation. Just look at her opponent. Sure most of the people reading this post are more qualified for office than she is. Most of the people reading this post are more qualified to be president than Obama.

We do not always get to vote for people we like. In this election more than any other we are voting for policies-or against them. It has always been simple but now the voters are aware. Vote for free enterprise and small government or sink into a socialist hell.

The Union Label

Every day we read stories about public sector pensions; run-of-the-mill civil servants gaming the system to cash in sick days and then retire-at 50-on hugely inflated million(s) dollar pensions. Clueless administrations rubber stamp the deals. Public sector union fingerprints are everywhere and now that the pitchforks are coming out Democrat politicians, especially those running for reelection are being asked, “What are you going to do about this?” The answer? Crickets mostly.

Michael Barone has a great piece here on how this is fracturing the Democrat party. Good.


Unions ruined GM and now own it. The Democrats are going to find this old friendship to be an albatross around their neck, dragging them under as the TEA party tide rolls in.

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TEA Party Analysis

I am not a big Peggy Noonan fan. She swings from the right side and yet drank the Obama Koolaid.

But this is great analysis of the TEA party phenomenon.  I really like the yardstick analogy. George Bush is the poster boy for big government / big spending Republicans. The TEA party is a reaction to 75 years of creeping socialism and nanny state intrusion.

Check it out:


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Under the Radar?

This will not get a lot of attention-but it should. The recently passed, so-called “financial reform” bill included a provision for a “Consumer Financial Protection Agency”. Obama is appointing Elizabeth Warren to oversee the creation of this agency.


There will be no senate hearings. Just add her to the list of Czars. While the TEA party impacts the primaries and the GOP is set to make significant gains, the Obama gang keeps pushing their extreme left agenda in any way they can that doesn’t include our vote.

Never mind that the bill does nothing to address our real financial problems, specifically ignoring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Democrats are not interested in the truth-only advancing their agenda. They will not dismantle the agencies or end the policies that resulted in the creation of dangerous mortgages and the forcing of banks to traffic in them-but they’ll spend billions of our hard earned tax dollars to create an agency to “help” us avoid the traps they created and continue to protect.

This whole agency is a big “nanny state” monstrosity, but the selection of Elizabeth Warren guarantees that it will be as awful and intrusive as possible. Here is a great column by Alan Reynolds that appeared in Investors Business Daily a few weeks ago.


Pat Duggan

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Political Snobs

It has been truly amazing to see the political class throw a hissy fit over the recent election cycle and the TEA party influence. Elected officials, TV talking heads, radio hosts and print columnists of all stripes are struggling to wrap their heads around this phenomena. It seems the longer they’ve been around the harder it is for them to think outside a box they’ve occupied for decades. Watch how fast things change as we approach the November election. Karl Rove has quickly back pedaled from his nasty comments about Christine O’Donnell and now-of course-supports her.

I exchanged emails with Karl a while back after he wrote a piece predicting big gains for the GOP. His assessment of the GOP chances for grabbing 10 senate seats included gushing that “Mark Kirk is a strong candidate…” I pointed out that Kirk was a problem candidate as one of eight Republican house members that voted for “cap and trade” and that the TEA party voters would not rally behind him in the general election. He asked that I “honor the outcome of the GOP primary”-and I will. Now it appears he is taking his own advice after giving the Democrats some nifty soundbites for their mud slinging ads for their socialist candidate for Delaware Senator.

Allegedly conservative columnist Steve Chapman wastes our time once again in his regular column in the failing Chicago Tribune here: LINK

Here’s how he starts out:

“Here’s my first impression of the tea party movement: It’s a rabidly right-wing phenomenon with a shaky grasp of history, a strain of intolerance and xenophobia, a paranoia about Barack Obama, and an unhealthy reverence for Fox News. Any movement that doesn’t firmly exclude Birchers, birthers and Islamaphobes is not a movement for me.

Here’s my second impression of the tea party movement: We are lucky to have it.

That’s because the tea partiers, who may not all agree on gay marriage or birthright citizenship, are united behind a couple of sound goals: curtailing the cost of government and refusing to live at the expense of future generations.”

So he starts out with a slanderous generalization and then takes it back-sort of-by admitting to the more accurate description of their common threads. What a schmuck.

The TEA party resonates because it is real. It is grass roots. They balance their budgets-without taxing anyone-and expect their elected officials to do the same. When money is tight they might cut back on dining out, or vacations. The least our elected officials could do is not give “stimulus” money to a genital washing program in Africa. LINK

I’ve often said that any housewife could balance the federal budget because they do it everyday with less. Is it any wonder that women with seemingly meager qualifications are winning elections against the experienced candidates like Mike Castle who presided over the decades long creation of this mess?

We need common sense solutions to problems that the political class pretend are too complicated for anyone but them to solve. The  TEA party is a growing group of motivated voters set out to prove just that.

Pat Duggan

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Election Recap

The Republican party is undergoing a TEA party transformation. Even in the face of long odds in the general election Delaware voters rejected the worthless RINO Mike Castle in favor of long shot conservative Christine O’Donnell. GOP voters are demanding better of their candidates and they are succeeding. They are throwing the bums out.

And the Democrats? Well they nominated scandal-ridden hack Charlie Rangel. Again. At age 80 he is the poster geezer for term limits. No principles at work here. Just business as usual. The steady destruction of that party from within continues apace.

It is not often I disagree with Charles Krauthammer-or Karl Rove-but this is not as simple as “nominate the best bet in the general election.” We are faced with a steady stream of imperfect candidates. The key question is:

If elected, can we count on their votes in the crucial issues regarding repeal of Obamacare, rejection of cap and trade, smaller government and free markets?

Christine O’Donnell is a reliable vote. Mark Kirk is not. Heck, John McCain is not, but there is no panic surrounding their candidacies.

It would be nice to capture the house and the senate and neuter Obama and his crew all at once but this is only a step in the process. November will be here soon and then we’ll have to focus on 2012-and a new president. Until then our congressional majorities will not be veto-proof under even the most optimistic scenarios. The message is being sent and even if Obama is too tone deaf to hear it, enough survival oriented Democrats are. They are not touting their health care bill-they are running away from it. Many are supporting extension of the Bush tax RATES (we do not call them tax cuts here-we haven’t had a tax cut in 7 years).

I saw Fred Barnes speak in early 2009 when things looked their darkest. The Dow was around 6700 and Al Franken was successfully stealing a senate seat. Obama was unveiling his agenda and seizing car companies to hand them to his union goons. Fred’s closing thought was a grasp for a silver lining. He said, “The one thing I’ve learned in all my years in Washington is that politics doesn’t go in a straight line.” I was reminded of that when Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. The surprises never seem to end.

We have a long way to go but we are headed in the right direction.

Pat Duggan

Update: Comments are encouraged but the template for this blog renders them small and hard to find. I will update posts to include these comments from time to time.

Here is a comment from a loyal reader  and friend who considers herself a “centrist”:

“Christine O’Donnell a reliable vote?  The women whose claim to fame is promoting abstinence (SALT) and giggling her way through an interview that included “you can’t masturbate w/o lust and therefore should abstain from that as well”? Whose own campaign mgr said she spent campaign funds for living expenses and non campaign expenses?

Here is part of my reply:

As far as I know there will be no votes upcoming on abstinence programs. And I agree with you it’s a ridiculous notion. As I said we are faced with multiple “imperfect” candidates. Certainly Christine O’Donnell would not even make my long list of candidates. All that said, my point is that Republican voters are not just going to toe the party line and support despicable candidates like Mike Castle who voted for cap and trade, cash for clunkers, TARP (I actually support that plan-as it was first proposed), and many other issues where he voted with big government liberals. He voted for the light bulb ban! (that is my pet peeve). He defied his own state’s term limits rules by gaming the system in a “switch”. He deserved to be rejected. Losing to a lightweight like O’Donnell underscores the point. I think it highlighted the interesting debate within the party.

Christine O’Donnell may be a dipshit but she’s not the only one. Right here in Illinois we have our choice of dipshits for senate: Kirk or Gianoulias. The Mayoral race will spotlight several more. When I speak of a “reliable vote” I am talking about the big issues: repeal of Obamacare, cap and trade and tax rates. She can be counted on there. Castle proved he could not. Kirk promises to change his stripes. We’ll see.

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Sarah Palin on a Hot Streak

Sarah Palin has had a great run in the recent primaries. The candidates she’s backed have all won. The knee jerk analysis has been that she wields great power. I disagree.

She has backed TEA party candidates. It is that message that resonates.

She has hitched her wagon to the winning team.

Rush Limbaugh has some great points here: LINK

Palin is being held to a different standard. Politics is full of hacks. I predicted the quick demise of the Democrat party momentum based purely on the predictable behavior of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, and the indispensable Joe Biden.

The left will continue to attack her because she is a threat. She is polling very well. Those that attacked her are now getting a good look at the allegedly intelligent Obama; campaigner of 57 states; insulter of allies; apologist to the world. He has made the mistakes we knew he would with the economy: predictable reactions to a known crisis. All responses exactly wrong as we predicted based on 75 years of evidence that Keynesian economics is garbage. Then there is the slow, deliberate and still wrong responses to the unpredictable: the oil spill, the Christmas bomber and the Fort Hood Muslim terrorist. Seriously, has Obama done anything right?

Another view here: LINK

So Palin’s stock rises as Obama’s falls. The vindication is a redundancy.

As for her potential as a Presidential candidate however my view is unaffected. She has zero chance of becoming the next President. Sure, the left hates her, just as they’ll hate any true free market conservative. They prefer McCain types. Wishy washy RINO’s that they can manipulate. Some on the right love her-but not all. The middle is the problem. They rejected her before and do not wish to have to admit their mistake. There will be no second chance to make a first impression. The Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson gotcha smear jobs have stuck. She can flex her political muscles on Fox News and the speaking tour. I look forward to our first female President coming from the conservative grass roots. There are many to ponder: Michelle Bachman, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and other lesser known names sure to come. Is there a young Jeane Kirkpatrick out there? An American Margaret Thatcher? Who will be our first black conservative president? I have no idea but I’m certain he or she will be big fans of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

Dick Morris has a great analysis here: LINK on how the GOP can win the Senate this fall. Great stuff. What does not get mentioned though is that while we may win the Senate we’ll be getting there by adding the likes of Mark Kirk-a real idiot that will be all too likely to “reach across the aisle” like his mentor, RINO poster fossil John McCain. What compromises will they dream up instead of a full de-funding and repeal of Obamacare?

More election forecasting here: LINK

Pat Duggan

Chicago Tea Party Meeting

I attended the monthly meeting of the Chicago Tea Party Patriots last night. This is a division of the Illinois Tea Party. Details here: LINK

The evening featured intelligent discussions and the speakers included several candidates running for office, including the Libertarian Party candidate for the U.S Senate, Mike Labno. Now typically the Libertarian candidate would not be worth mentioning but this election is different. Mark Kirk and Alexi Gianoulias are despicable politicians.  Have their ever been two more divisive candidates so hated by members of their own party? You just never know.

What was not discussed? The Ground Zero mosque. No racist comments were made. Three patriots sat in for a panel discussion of their experiences attending a “town hall” meeting in their district where elected official Melissa Bean used a burly thug to intimidate those asking tough questions. See the video here: LINK

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Election Forecasting

It’s not too early to start handicapping the 2012 Presidential election. Hell, here in Illinois we need to start thinking about 2016 and replacing our idiot Senator Kirk or Gianoulias (assuming the winner doesn’t get recalled /  impeached /  convicted).

My GOP candidate predictions:


Palin (damaged goods…will never get the center vote).

Giuliani (too bad, would do a great job but ran a poor campaign…if terrorism becomes top issue he could change course).

Romney (Massachusetts health care is a DISASTER….he refuses to admit the mistake and can’t run on repeal of Obamacare without it).

Huckabee (a tax and spend liberal in GOP clothing…TEA party will tear him apart).

Newt Gingrich (might be the smartest guy in the group but he’s a jerk…ego destroyed him right on heels of “Contract with America” victory…he appeared in a global warming ad with Nancy Pelosi).


Mitch Daniels ( a little bland and that is a big problem but his state is doing great due to his fiscal maneuvers).

Bobby Jindal (has charisma but shot himself in the foot with a horrible speech last year…he can overcome that with a great speech and did will with oil spill).

Bob McDonnell (Virginia governor has a lot to prove).

Haley Barbour (most GOP governors have a chance).

Paul Ryan (smart and well spoken but young…maybe next time or a VP).


Tim Pawlenty (not perfect but might have right combo of stances on issues and charisma).

Chris Christie (New Jersey governor is template for new era candidate…he is standing up to unions, refuses to raise taxes even on “millionaires” and instead of promising voters candy is telling them we all need to take harsh medicine to fix our problems-and they love him for it. He will need to explain why he can go presidential before finishing his first term. He is smart and a great speaker. He is also fat. Very fat. He should lose some weight and show he can stay healthy for a full term in office. Dems will be well advised not to make it an issue though.)

Lastly, GOP candidate needs a flawless VP running mate. I suggest Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

Also keep an eye on Michelle Bachman…she is smart and charismatic and understands the power of TEA party and how their message resonates with independents who will provide the swing votes in future elections.

Dems may try to have Hillary challenge Obama. I hope so. I want that party to tear itself to shreds and rebuild without Barney Frank, Reid , Pelosi, Dodd, Durbin and myriad other bums.

Obama is toast. He fooled a lot of people by running as centrist with vague message. They now know what many of us knew 2 years ago: he is an America-hating socialist with sympathetic views toward radical Islam. He has insulted our allies, especially Britain and Israel while reaching out to enemies. 60 Dem senators voting for socialism via health care shows a party completely out of touch with American majority. GOP blew it under both Bushes with spending increases and expanded entitlements. They paid for it in last 2 elections, now Dems will suffer.  Growth of public sector unions with employees earning double private sector and bureaucrats retiring at 50 with huge six figure pensions will be a major issue going forward. Democrats own that scandal and will have to figure out how to win elections without giving the unions everything they want.

“Stimulus” is dead. Keynesian economics is dead. It didn’t work for FDR and it is a disaster now. Candidates from any party better get with the program.  The American has always done best with less government involvement.

Pat Duggan

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