This Is What Democrats Do

Obama’s latest budget is a joke and an insult to the American people. If Harry Reid allows it to reach the floor it will be voted down like last year: 97-0.

Republicans in the House are passing budgets and bills.

Obama is passing the buck.

He’d raise tax rates and cut defense spending while expanding spending in every other area. This is a broken record.

The recent flap involving the Catholic Church and contraception etc. shows exactly what Obamacare is all about. We all lose our freedom when we hand over the health care and insurance business to bureaucrats. Now we are being told that pregnancy is a preventable illness. Do they read their own press releases? The Democrats simply run around declaring that one thing or another will be free of cost. There is no such thing. This is childish and ignorant.

The free market isn’t a bunch of “greedy capitalists” ripping us off without repercussions. The free market is about OUR freedom to choose. In that system businesses compete for our money — just like Apple and Microsoft compete for our computer and technology business. Things get better and cheaper for us while the corporations make money. There are profits and jobs — not subsidies and scandals like Solyndra.

The GOP needs a coordinated message that explains that to the voters and shows how Republicans will be distinctly different than the incompetents in charge now.

Obama and the Democrats are attempting the same controlled-economy nonsense that has failed every single time it has been forced on a population. The Soviet Union is only the most infamous example.

We are at a point where we need strong leadership to push bold policies that repeal and reverse most of this. We’ve been sliding toward socialism since FDR and the main difference now is that quicker pace. We’re at multiple tipping points. We’re broke and facing a real economic catastrophe.

If Mitt Romney wants to win the election he needs to understand that the President is not the CEO of America. You cannot micro-manage the economy–you can only set it free.

Pat Duggan


TEA Party Principles

Principles. The TEA party voters have them. Not every candidate is going to be as charismatic and polished as Marco Rubio. But the TEA party movement is consistent in their standards of rejection.

I continue to disagree with Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer-not for their analysis, Christine O’Donnell has an uphill battle-but for their at-the-finish-line criticism of the TEA party for holding their ground. We would not be pondering a GOP senate majority if not for this grass roots movement, their rallies and their consistent message. To throw all that away at the finish line and throw our support behind a schmuck like Mike Castle would be throwing in the towel and cutting a deal with the devil. We would become those that we despise.

We may lose this battle but we will win the war. It is not the fault of the upstarts that the entrenched organizations couldn’t draft better candidates. The message being sent will echo as we are introduced to the next crop of primary candidates for the 2012 elections.

Despite the Scott Brown shock it was too late to draft better GOP challengers for this cycle. Illinois and the ridiculous Mark Kirk are proof. I’ll vote for him-and I would vote for Christine O’Donnell without hesitation. Just look at her opponent. Sure most of the people reading this post are more qualified for office than she is. Most of the people reading this post are more qualified to be president than Obama.

We do not always get to vote for people we like. In this election more than any other we are voting for policies-or against them. It has always been simple but now the voters are aware. Vote for free enterprise and small government or sink into a socialist hell.

Government and the Economy

Here’s two seemingly unrelated articles that make for interesting reading and side by side consideration. In the first one LINK we see the Obama as socialist theory put to an interesting test. In some ways what is going on is closer to fascism with the government and selected players cutting deals. This is a disturbing trend as these businesses make a deal with the devil that hurts their competitors initially but gets them as well in the end as the government accumulates power that will be unleashed upon them later without the deal making.

Whether it is fascism or socialism the Democrats dare not say it out loud or reveal their true intentions, so they speak in vague code words and instead of debating their opponents resort to name calling (racism etc).This second article LINK spotlights the harm done by the uncertainty of it all.

Pat Duggan

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Democrats’ Ignorant Assumptions

In the immigration reform battle the Democrats consistently favor mass amnesty. They assume that all the new immigrants will support their socialist policies. This should infuriate Hispanics. The vast majority come here at great risk to seek the American dream of the rewards to be had in a free enterprise economic system. The Democrat view is insulting and condescending.

Watch this video for Marco Rubio’s brilliant take down of yet another idiotic Harry Reid comment. LINK

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Happy Birthday Milton Friedman

If you haven’t already watched this video of Milton Friedman shredding Phil Donahue’s pathetic attacks on Capitalism then please take a look. This is the best 2 minute defense of free markets ever.


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Oil spilling, BS flowing

BP is going to go bankrupt.

It will be due mainly to their utter incompetence. It would be a great example of the market at work as assets are transferred from the criminally negligent to the deserving victims through proper legal channels. Instead it will play out in Obama’s alternative universe where he and his regime plunder the evil profiteers “with a boot on their neck”. He is so fixated on this destruction of a capitalist icon-when he is not busy playing golf and throwing parties-that he has neglected to do anything to limit the damage. In doing so he will further damage his presidency and the Democrat party-not to mention the coastline and the economy.

The prevention of oil reaching shore is virtually nonexistent. Offers of help and booms and skimmers from Denmark and other countries were rejected. Coastal local governments have received no cooperation from the feds. Requests for permission to construct barriers were ignored and then approved in limited form only after long delays. “Environmentalists” successfully thwarted 3 different approaches. It is day 57 and the President of the United States has not met with the heads of BP. This should have been the plan on day 1. The heads of the other major oil companies should have been called in as well-for brainstorming-not interrogation. None of this happened.

If I see one more clip of the “cleanup effort” I am going to lose it. It is estimated that over 100 million gallons of oil has leaked and all I see are mopes in plastic suits cleaning beaches by hand! Why aren’t they using oil tankers to suck up the oil and water and then separating the oil out (it floats right?) for refining? If this is not a viable solution then they should be telling us why and what other large scale efforts are being employed.

Comparisons to Bush and Katrina are apples to oranges but since the Democrats brought it up, “let’s be perfectly clear.” The major failures in Katrina were marked by the bumbling of the Democrat mayor of New Orleans and the Democrat Governor of Louisiana. They did not request the appropriate help from the federal government and turned it down when it was offered. Contrast that with the current Republican governor of Louisiana and his hands on approach. He has come up with quick, creative solutions only to be ignored by the dithering Obama and his incompetent administration.

This is so very simple. Millions of barrels of valuable oil are gushing from the sea floor and BP does not have a clue on how to suck it up at the point of release. This is mind boggling. If they don’t know how to collect oil when and where they find it then they do not belong in the oil business. And if Exxon and all the others do not know how to cap that well and stop the flow of oil or at least divert it to their tankers for proper use then there should be no deep water drilling by anybody.

OK, so I’ve made my case. I think both BP and the Obama team share the blame here. But if we are to learn our lesson here we must ask two questions:

Could it have been avoided?

Can we prevent it from happening again in the future?

Yes on both. But Obama doesn’t see it that way. He said we were drilling a mile deep and forty miles from shore “because we’re running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water”. That is a lie-and he knows it. It is the height of arrogance for him to think he could get away with it. It was pointed out by all the sharp commentators right away. This is how the left works. They think if you repeat this nonsense enough it will be accepted. Except it isn’t. Everybody knows our energy policy is driven by the successful lobbying of anti-oil extremists carrying the flag of “environmentalism”. We drill 40 miles offshore because they’ve succeeded in having it banned everywhere else. Obama continued his new faux-angry tone with the tired claim that we use 20% of the world’s oil but hold only 2% of the reserves. This is deceptive nonsense. That reserve figure is an estimate that is dependent on those same drilling bans. More exploration would yield a huge boost in reserves.

Then Obama played revealed his real agenda. He doesn’t intend to let this “crisis go to waste.” He wants to reinvigorate the dead cap and tax bill and make a bigger push for green energy. This is the same “green energy” agenda that has been an utter failure in Spain, killing jobs and contributing to their burgeoning financial crisis

So the big speech was a failure on every level. The blame game continues. The oil spill goes on. Energy policy is not realistic. Leadership is nonexistent.

Pat Duggan

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Dick Morris: Obama is incompetent

Dick Morris has a catchy headline: “Obama doesn’t have a clue.”

Read his column here: LINK

Dick imagines himself smarter than the Democrats he worked for and has made a name for himself as one of their chief critics. I find his observations frequently enlightening but he misses the mark several times here. We are not surprised that Obama is incompetent. His total lack of relevant experience-either administrative or private sector-was one of his main shortcomings and the way the mainstream media ignored it was infuriating. By election day the story was that he ran such a great campaign he could surely handle the presidency.

Morris writes: “He doesn’t know how to stop the oil from spilling. He is bereft of ideas about how to create jobs in the aftermath of the recession. He has no idea how to keep the European financial crisis contained. He has no program for repaying the massive debt hole into which he has dug our nation without tax increases he must know will only deepen the pit.”

The problem isn’t that Obama doesn’t “know how” to plug the oil leak-the experts at BP clearly don’t either. The problem is that Obama views business-all business-as the enemy. As I have noted, BP caused this mess, but at this stage of the crisis the Obama administration should be working with BP. Instead they are doing the only thing they know how to do: attack the big bad business entity. They should be working with BP and engaging all the other big oil companies to help. They all can benefit from a quick solution or be damaged by the fallout.

As for the financial crisis unfolding in Europe this is classic liberal behavior. They cling to their socialist ideology and pseudo-Keynesian economic theory in spite of the historic evidence. Both are consistent failures. Obama dare not speak the solution for Greece and the rest of the “PIIGS”. Bring government spending and public sector unions under control and implement pro-business policy? If then forced to take this advice he’d have to completely reverse his entire agenda. He might even have to pull a “Specter” and switch parties.

Entrepreneur or Unemployed?

Former labor secretary Robert Reich makes a basic observation here: lots of unemployed are making attempts at starting their own business-but he has to put his own liberal spin on it. He claims that congress has made it easier for them with Obamacare. Please. What these statistics show is that the American spirit is alive and kicking. We want jobs-not handouts. The high unemployment rate is going to be Obama’s undoing-not the oil spill.

Read the story here: LINK

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Inevitable Socialism?

“Socialists have always spent much of their time seeking new titles for their beliefs, because the old versions so quickly become outdated and discredited.”

-Margaret Thatcher

The socialism questions have been answered. Where Obama is concerned they were answered for most of us long before the election. The books, the speeches, the friends and associates, the rhetoric and the voting record all pointed in the same direction. His brief term as president is not a surprise. What is more unsettling is the actions of the rest of the Democratic party. Again, no surprise where Nancy Pelosi and several others are concerned, but when 60 senators vote in lockstep for socialized health care all pretense is gone. One can hardly blame the Democrats for attempting to avoid the socialist tag-but a mere shift in terminology will not change the outcome.

The left pretends that what they push for is not socialism. How do they make this claim? They seem to think it can’t be socialism if it does not include dictators and gulags and secret police. But what else is a growing government take of GDP, out of control spending, confiscatory taxes, anti-business policy, redistribution of wealth, meddling in banks and manufacturing, giveaways to unions, the takeover of health care and a steady loss of personal freedom? In Marxist theory this is the stage between capitalism and full blown communism.

In terms of socialism as an economic policy look around. Greece is crumbling and the rest of Europe is in denial as evidenced by their $1 trillion bailout, including $50 billion from US tax payers. First socialism brought them high taxes, sluggish economies with permanently high unemployment and now civil unrest. The riots in Greece reveal left wing policy to be little more than an organized tantrum. No money left? Reality be damned. They don’t care. They want what they want.

The Soviet Union collapsed. Former satellites are improving as capitalism, the natural inclination of human nature returns, spurred by the flat tax in many cases. China has thrown in the towel on socialism. They have a long way to go but as China moves in the right direction improvement follows as surely as day follows night.

Socialism had traditionally been implemented through income redistribution-from the currently producing class to the current moochers. Over the past 75 years a new tactic has been used: the transfer of wealth via entitlement benefits to the current generation from future generations via mounting debt and unfunded liabilities. We’ve even heard it called “inter-generational theft” by the economically clueless John McCain. Whoever fed him that sound bite ought to spend some time teaching him the basics of economics. The indignation that accompanies that observation will soon change to: “Look what we’ve done to ourselves.” We are the ones who’ve paid into Social Security for the past several decades. Soon to be retiring “baby boomers” will find that the “contributions” they made for 50 years are gone.

Now the markets are telling us that we are the generation who is being handed the tab. New all-time highs in gold signal inflation and loss of confidence in currencies worldwide.

“During my lifetime most of the problems the world has faced have come, in one fashion or other, from mainland Europe, and the solutions from outside it.”

-Margaret Thatcher

Direction is everything. Momentum is a most powerful force. Where are we heading? Why this overwhelming attitude that impending disaster is inevitable? That we are destined to the same sad fate as Europe? Even Charles Krauthammer seems resigned to the VAT. He should be careful here. All discussions of a VAT should point out the damage it does. It is not just a “cash cow”-it is an economy killer.

Inevitable? I don’t think so. Not as long as we can still vote. That is not the attitude at the TEA rallies. Solutions are simple albeit painful but workable with true leadership. The spending cuts are obvious to the head of any household or free market CEO. The big hurdle is that the current congress would have to admit their role. Hell, they can’t even admit that Fannie Mae needs to go or that Social Security is bankrupt. Sure these problems have been building for 75  years but then again some of them, like the disgraceful, term-limits poster boy Robert Byrd have been in politics almost that long (64 to be exact).

Government workers’ pay will have to be cut to reflect that of the private sector that funds them. All pensions will have to be privatized. Social security too. The voters are realizing that congress cannot be trusted with a dime of it. We may not be able to afford big tax cuts but neither can we afford tax hikes that will only tip us to the right side of the Laffer Curve. We certainly can’t afford an economy crushing VAT…or any of Europe’s other bad ideas. With pro-growth policies we can and will grow our way out of this mess.  There is no other way.

It is time for the biggest repeal since the end of Prohibition. We’ll start with health care and keep going. We’ve had a socialist pyramid scheme building for 75 years. Democrats are the authors but the GOP was / is complicit. Bush made a feeble attempt to start entitlement reform. So what. It is said that to try is to fail with honor. There is no honor in backing down on the single most important economic issue of our lifetime. How about a little Churchillian “never, never, never give up”?

After The Democrat sweep in 2008 the lapdog media was quick to declare the end of capitalism and the death of the GOP. This was wishful thinking. At the national level the spotlight would shift to Pelosi, Reid, Dodd and Barney Frank. Their corruption and poor judgment would surely sink them.

On the GOP side McCain was criticized from the right for his incompetent campaign and business bashing. RINO’s like Lindsey Graham are called out for joining in crazy “cap and trade” proposals while global warming is revealed to be a scam. Despite missteps from Olympia Snowe and others the Republican party held firm in their opposition to health care-siding with the American majority. It is now the Democrat party that is splintering as the extreme left wing is unhappy. Obama is too centrist for them!

We face a series of elections. Goal #1 is the end of the Democrat majority. Scott Brown’s victory in the race for Ted Kennedy’s old seat was a breakthrough. Goal #2 is better candidates / winners in this election and 2012. All incumbents must go. Recycling of Romney or Palin will backfire. New blood like Paul Ryan of Wisconsin or Tim Pawlenty is the better bet. Progress is evident already. Incumbents are losing primaries. Illinois with their early primary is behind in this. We have a long battle ahead. Corruption is deeply entrenched. Hopeless feelings abound but we can draw inspiration from other states and then copy their plan.

Both major parties need to be overhauled. We need term limits and we need to send them back to the private sector-if they have ever been there. No lobbying. The next generation of leaders should bring private sector experience as a prerequisite. I’d like to see an entrepreneur president in my lifetime. The candidacies of Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman are encouraging. If it is time for our first female president let’s hope we can do better than our first black president.

Pat Duggan

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