Debate Hits and Misses

I think everyone had their good and bad moments in the CNN debate.

Herman Cain makes sense.

Ron Paul seems to be the only one properly worried about the Fed and our currency.

Rick Santorum shows well but is going to have a hard time setting himself apart.

Newt did what I was hoping he’d do before he screwed up his campaign.

Bachmann was the best at utilizing the format-both in scoring applause with campaign-worthy sound bytes and with her official announcement.

Romney was smooth but I don’t think that’s going to be enough to counter the Romneycare debacle and his recent embrace of the global warming hoax. He NEEDS to flip flop!

Pawlenty articulated his economic plan well but blew it when he refused to apply his “Obamnycare” label to the guy it was written for. He came across as a weaselly politician when he tried to spin it as a  hit only on Obama. He will never get a chance to debate Obama if he doesn’t wrestle front runner status from Mitt and to do that he needs to attack his Achilles heel.

Romneycare is 95% the same as Obamacare. Even if Mitt did the necessary thing and denounced it as an obvious mistake, given what we now know about it-it still shows an astounding lack of judgment and a total disregard for the free market principles that the GOP must embrace as the antidote to Obama’s government-mandated mess.

Pat Duggan


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