This Is What Democrats Do

Obama’s latest budget is a joke and an insult to the American people. If Harry Reid allows it to reach the floor it will be voted down like last year: 97-0.

Republicans in the House are passing budgets and bills.

Obama is passing the buck.

He’d raise tax rates and cut defense spending while expanding spending in every other area. This is a broken record.

The recent flap involving the Catholic Church and contraception etc. shows exactly what Obamacare is all about. We all lose our freedom when we hand over the health care and insurance business to bureaucrats. Now we are being told that pregnancy is a preventable illness. Do they read their own press releases? The Democrats simply run around declaring that one thing or another will be free of cost. There is no such thing. This is childish and ignorant.

The free market isn’t a bunch of “greedy capitalists” ripping us off without repercussions. The free market is about OUR freedom to choose. In that system businesses compete for our money — just like Apple and Microsoft compete for our computer and technology business. Things get better and cheaper for us while the corporations make money. There are profits and jobs — not subsidies and scandals like Solyndra.

The GOP needs a coordinated message that explains that to the voters and shows how Republicans will be distinctly different than the incompetents in charge now.

Obama and the Democrats are attempting the same controlled-economy nonsense that has failed every single time it has been forced on a population. The Soviet Union is only the most infamous example.

We are at a point where we need strong leadership to push bold policies that repeal and reverse most of this. We’ve been sliding toward socialism since FDR and the main difference now is that quicker pace. We’re at multiple tipping points. We’re broke and facing a real economic catastrophe.

If Mitt Romney wants to win the election he needs to understand that the President is not the CEO of America. You cannot micro-manage the economy–you can only set it free.

Pat Duggan


The State of the GOP

I hear a lot of complaining about the Republican Party these days. I share their frustration. How could it come to this? As the fourth year of the Obama era begins the state of the union is shaky at best. In 2008 an inexperienced leftist who donned a centrist disguise beat a weak opponent partly because the electorate was in such a state of shock that they were willing to ignore myriad red flags. I refer to his ultra-liberal voting record, murky background, radical friends and shady political pals. A lapdog media wasn’t interested in doing any vetting — opting instead to just cheer-lead.

The recent State of the Union was full of the same old stuff: congratulating himself for perceived accomplishments and complaining about Republican obstructionism. It’s pure trash and he knows it – but he’s betting that the American electorate will swallow it once again.
Anyone curious enough to look beyond the pliant press would have found that Obama’s speech was in many instances a word-for-word rehash of his previous “SOTU’s” here:


Further analysis shows his tax claims to be demonstrably false, here:

With evidence like that this election should be easy right? Obama is a now known quantity and the mask has been ripped off the entire Democrat Party. They marched in lockstep to shove Obamacare down our throats, bypassing an honest legislative process and ignoring the will of the people, including those in uber-liberal Massachusetts who voted for Scott Brown on that issue alone. They have reclaimed the crown as the biggest spenders – quickly eclipsing the Republicans of the previous era. Annual deficits are now running $1.5 TRILLION and we have nothing to show for it.

We should be planning our election night parties – and yet…

It is a mess. Many are fearful that we’re paving the way for Obama to be re-elected. From a very large field full of flawed candidates we’re left with a clueless Mitt Romney fending off desperate attacks from a flailing Newt Gingrich and the Republican Party seems to be doing the Democrats’ dirty work for them. We’re told by self-proclaimed experts that Romney is the only “electable” candidate and yet the guy has no track record of winning. The one time he did he passed a government-run health care bill that paved the way for the mess we’re trying to get repealed.

While Newt’s failures as Speaker of the House have been misrepresented – and his major victories diminished – Mitt is mostly given a free pass. Santorum is the non-Romney of the month but he is a lightweight punching out of his weight class. Ron Paul is given exactly the attention he deserves: credit for his criticism of our dangerous fiscal / monetary policy and scorn for his dangerously naïve foreign policy. Has anyone noticed that he is attracting the youth vote?

But how did the Republican Party let this happen? Well, let’s think about it for a minute. Who is the Republican Party? It’s the candidates who run as Republicans and the people who vote for them. It’s the current crop of elected officials who still self-identify with the party and caucus with them. Let’s not forget the Murkowskis of the world who are only Republican when it’s convenient, or the traders like Jeffords and Specter who changed teams. It is also the RNC – but they really only get involved AFTER the primaries, funneling money where it is most needed in closely fought general elections.

The candidates are a reflection of what we as voters demand. For too long we settled for mushy compromising centrists like Bush and McCain who did nothing to curtail spending or the rampant encroachments on our freedoms. I am not letting the Republicans in Congress off the hook. Spending bills start there. We have a President – not a king. Obama is clearly irritated by that. But the Republicans have not stood united as a party and held their ground. They should have been there all along saying. “We simply cannot afford this level of spending. We can’t defend our country and fund out-of-control entitlement programs. We cannot suspend the laws of economics to give houses to those who cannot afford mortgage payments. We will destroy our economy if we do.”

Nope. They reached across the aisle and danced around the third rails of politics and took the easy way out. McCain was one of them and Newt Gingrich was too. Romney pretends to “Mr. Private Sector” but he didn’t trust it to deal with the health care industry. It is no wonder attacks on him have stuck.

So the Tea Party was born. They are more loosely organized than the GOP. They do not have the big money yet. They only have a few true believers in office now; young leaders like Marco Rubio. Old phonies like Newt are merely pretenders trying to harness their energy. But the Tea Party activists at least have clear principles: smaller, efficient government; low, flat taxes; balanced budgets: strong foreign policy; free markets.

The debates are a disgrace. Who agreed to this? The RNC? This was a blown opportunity to clarify what the GOP platform is to be. We should be discerning not just where the candidates are different but where they agree. Liberal TV commentators should not be involved. Their slanted, “gotcha” questions waste precious time and give the Democrats advantages they should not be granted. Who lets the other team into the huddle?

Who are the party “leaders” who convinced Chris Christie and Paul Ryan not to run? Why didn’t those candidates seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? If Romney wins and does well, he is odds-on to run again and make it an 8 year wait for GOP contenders. Then maybe the pendulum swings left again. If Romney wins and lacks the will to make the bold moves we won’t get the recovery we need. Voters will tire and be susceptible to more “hope and change”. There are lots of ways that it adds up to a 12 year wait for these rising stars. This is their best chance and our best chance.

Now we are in a primary cycle where the voters are unanimous in their support for “none of the above” Not Romney and not the non-Romneys either. I think a brokered election would be thrilling and historic — but wait – the GOP wants to screw that up too. Their idea of a “White Knight” late-entry candidate?

Jeb Bush. (Crickets)

Are they tone deaf? Sure, I know all about Jeb. He’s the smartest Bush. That is beyond irrelevant. This country is not in the mood for another Bush while still suffering from a great deal of the fallout from the financial crisis that began during his brother’s term. Sorry Jeb.

I am still optimistic. True change does not happen quickly in a world still suffering from an epidemic of incumbency. Only we can impose the term limits that are so desperately needed.

They say we get the government we deserve. I am sure I am not the only one who feels I deserve better than this. I work, pay taxes, get informed, get involved and then vote.

There is a battle for the soul of the GOP. There is a call for return to core principles as opposed to watered-down liberalism or “compassionate conservatism”. The Democrats are in a state of denial about theirs. Obama is being attacked from the left for not doing enough. Incredible. “Moderate” Democrats don’t seem bothered that their party has been taken over by de facto socialists.

The silver lining in this mess is that at least Republican voters are showing that they care about character as this search for the non-Romney goes on. Democrats were too eager to embrace scripted charisma in an empty suit. We can do better. We will. Hopefully soon.

Pat Duggan

Romney Wins But Still a Liberal

The only positive development in the wake of the early primaries is that fewer bad candidates are now running.

The GOP is to blame for this. They lack leadership at virtually all levels. The recent negotiations over the Keystone pipeline were completely bungled with Republicans battling Republicans and seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.

They do not have a cohesive message. If they did it would be clear to all that Mitt’s message doesn’t match. McCain would’ve flunked the same test. Now McCain has endorsed Romney. Is that supposed to soothe our collective anxiety about this deeply flawed candidate?

Romney says his experience in the private sector is what qualifies him for the top office. Then why did he think private industry couldn’t handle health care and insurance?

Romney says his plan was appropriate for states – but not OK at the national level.

Please. Here in Illinois we’ll soon have two consecutive Governors in Jail, with 4 of the last 8 convicted. Our state is broke with unfunded pensions that rank us last in terms of fiscal stability. Yup, just let our corrupt politicians run our health care and insurance systems.

This is area of greatest vulnerability and yet his debate opponents haven’t made the point. Instead, they attack him from the left with talking points that sound like they were lifted from a rant.

His work at Bain Capital is worth noting. Dysfunctional companies were restructured to make them profitable. Profitable companies create long-lasting jobs. Unprofitable ones come begging for bailouts.

Obama “invested” OUR money in Solyndra. That is a stark contrast that should help any eventual GOP nominee. Shame on the other Republican candidates for attacking free-market capitalism.

I’d like to know if Mitt would work some of that magic on the energy and education departments. Would he fire thousands of bureaucrats and make our government more efficient?

Does Mitt understand that while companies benefit from a hands-on management, government serves best when it interferes least?

Why is Romney considered to be the only one who can win when his election record is abysmal? He has won exactly one election. He then promptly “reached across the aisle” to pass a disastrous health care plan that is driving up health care and insurance costs just as predicted.

The GOP can’t afford this. Romney will only further harm the GOP brand. They need a candidate who believes in small government, the constitution and free markets. A true supply sider would set the economy on the road to recovery. Romney is a big government hack who would engage in more Keynesian nonsense. He has pledged a currency war with China and would further devalue the dollar throwing gas on the inflation fire already burning.

We will likely be stuck with Romney. Our principled criticism should not be toned down. What we want transcends party lines: a balanced budget, smaller, more efficient government, fewer encroachments on our personal freedoms, and government completely out of the housing business. I want to hear it in the debates against Obama. It is the only time both sides pay attention.

The various tea party groups have a lot of work to do. They did not have a candidate in this race –despite claims to the contrary. Bachmann and others may have tried to harness their energy but it is the new leaders, like Marco Rubio, who were elected due to their influence. The time will come for someone like him to grab the brass ring. For Now Rubio and Paul Ryan need to work hard to exert the powers of Congress; first to battle Obama, and later to bring reform with a Republican President. Our economy would benefit greatly from a sense that stability was returning. Tax policy that lasts for two months is unsettling for business and markets. Shame on the GOP for going along with such an asinine plan.

In the meantime we should take solace in the understanding that if it’s Romney, he will merely be our President – not king as Obama seems to think.

Pat Duggan

Tea Partiers are Ready for Their First Mid Term Election

Wednesday evening I attended the October monthly meeting of the Chicago Tea Party. Featured speakers were Isaac Hayes, the GOP nominee running against Jesse Jackson Jr. (or Senate candidate #5 in FBI reports on Blago’s attempted seat sale) and recent candidate for the Illinois GOP governor nomination, political commentator and radio fill-in Dan Proft. It was the usual lively event with a call for action in the final month approaching the midterm elections with lots of tight races among an expected overall GOP victory. Isaac is ready for congress despite the Chicago Tribune’s gutless “no endorsement” in that race. Dan Proft did a great job of explaining why we prefer the sometimes less polished candidates that agree with our principles and will vote for them over the slick insiders who only sell us out later.

There was various media in attendance including a videographer for CBS evening news. I heard the poor fellow confessing to the owner of host venue, Blackie’s in the south “Loop”, that he’d forgotten his headset and begging to borrow any kind of replacement. Maybe that is why the few seconds of tape that appeared on the Thursday evening news were accompanied only by a Katie Couric voice over and no interviews-all this despite his non-stop 2 hours plus of taping.

Naturally I Tivo’d and watched  the news cast. It is being promoted as an ongoing series on the final month of the campaign. They did their best to smear the TEA party movement and diminish their impact but I doubt it had any effect. Katie Couric’s numbers are at all time lows. LINK

They tried to jam a lot into their 2-3 minute segment. Lots of internal polls designed to show that TEA party activists are white, male, protestant and inclined to vote Republican anyway. This should come as no surprise. The GOP is hearing the message and embracing it. Despite some party insiders insisting on trotting out the same old RINO’s voters are nominating fresh blood. One poll question mirrored the one asked of the Chicago organizer Steve Stevlic: Would the economy have been better off if we allowed the banks to fail? In the interview the car companies were included. This is a transparent apology for bailout-Obamanomics. Sure the economy sucks but it could have been worse-right?

Overall I would describe the coverage as worthless / harmless. It was slanted but mostly just so superficial as to be a waste of viewers’ time. I guess that was their goal: don’t give the TEA party any unnecessary free PR.

In closing the “reporter” Dean Reynolds sighted one last poll that claimed only “22% of Americans view the movement favorably.”

This is nonsense. More than 50% support the TEA party to some degree and would vote for a candidate they support. LINK

The left is in full tantrum now. They have no rational response to a true grass roots effort that focuses on simple, key issues:

1.    Fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, like every household and business manages through good and bad times.

2.    Lower spending that reverts back to constitutionally endorsed basics.

3.    Tax rates that are kept low to allow for free enterprise to flourish with a nod to the Laffer curve.

4.    Accountability in government: citizen legislators as opposed to career political hacks.

Two thirds of America supported Obama after his election despite only 53% voting for him. This shows the inherent optimism of the American people. They’re even good losers. Now two thirds don’t approve of the direction we’re heading. 80% don’t approve of congress. This is what feeds the TEA party with energy. This is not racism. These are the same people that knew government run health care was a bad idea when it was called “Hillarycare”. This is about economics. Only the desperate Democrats think these are racial issues.

Pat Duggan

Election Recap

The Republican party is undergoing a TEA party transformation. Even in the face of long odds in the general election Delaware voters rejected the worthless RINO Mike Castle in favor of long shot conservative Christine O’Donnell. GOP voters are demanding better of their candidates and they are succeeding. They are throwing the bums out.

And the Democrats? Well they nominated scandal-ridden hack Charlie Rangel. Again. At age 80 he is the poster geezer for term limits. No principles at work here. Just business as usual. The steady destruction of that party from within continues apace.

It is not often I disagree with Charles Krauthammer-or Karl Rove-but this is not as simple as “nominate the best bet in the general election.” We are faced with a steady stream of imperfect candidates. The key question is:

If elected, can we count on their votes in the crucial issues regarding repeal of Obamacare, rejection of cap and trade, smaller government and free markets?

Christine O’Donnell is a reliable vote. Mark Kirk is not. Heck, John McCain is not, but there is no panic surrounding their candidacies.

It would be nice to capture the house and the senate and neuter Obama and his crew all at once but this is only a step in the process. November will be here soon and then we’ll have to focus on 2012-and a new president. Until then our congressional majorities will not be veto-proof under even the most optimistic scenarios. The message is being sent and even if Obama is too tone deaf to hear it, enough survival oriented Democrats are. They are not touting their health care bill-they are running away from it. Many are supporting extension of the Bush tax RATES (we do not call them tax cuts here-we haven’t had a tax cut in 7 years).

I saw Fred Barnes speak in early 2009 when things looked their darkest. The Dow was around 6700 and Al Franken was successfully stealing a senate seat. Obama was unveiling his agenda and seizing car companies to hand them to his union goons. Fred’s closing thought was a grasp for a silver lining. He said, “The one thing I’ve learned in all my years in Washington is that politics doesn’t go in a straight line.” I was reminded of that when Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. The surprises never seem to end.

We have a long way to go but we are headed in the right direction.

Pat Duggan

Update: Comments are encouraged but the template for this blog renders them small and hard to find. I will update posts to include these comments from time to time.

Here is a comment from a loyal reader  and friend who considers herself a “centrist”:

“Christine O’Donnell a reliable vote?  The women whose claim to fame is promoting abstinence (SALT) and giggling her way through an interview that included “you can’t masturbate w/o lust and therefore should abstain from that as well”? Whose own campaign mgr said she spent campaign funds for living expenses and non campaign expenses?

Here is part of my reply:

As far as I know there will be no votes upcoming on abstinence programs. And I agree with you it’s a ridiculous notion. As I said we are faced with multiple “imperfect” candidates. Certainly Christine O’Donnell would not even make my long list of candidates. All that said, my point is that Republican voters are not just going to toe the party line and support despicable candidates like Mike Castle who voted for cap and trade, cash for clunkers, TARP (I actually support that plan-as it was first proposed), and many other issues where he voted with big government liberals. He voted for the light bulb ban! (that is my pet peeve). He defied his own state’s term limits rules by gaming the system in a “switch”. He deserved to be rejected. Losing to a lightweight like O’Donnell underscores the point. I think it highlighted the interesting debate within the party.

Christine O’Donnell may be a dipshit but she’s not the only one. Right here in Illinois we have our choice of dipshits for senate: Kirk or Gianoulias. The Mayoral race will spotlight several more. When I speak of a “reliable vote” I am talking about the big issues: repeal of Obamacare, cap and trade and tax rates. She can be counted on there. Castle proved he could not. Kirk promises to change his stripes. We’ll see.

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Sarah Palin on a Hot Streak

Sarah Palin has had a great run in the recent primaries. The candidates she’s backed have all won. The knee jerk analysis has been that she wields great power. I disagree.

She has backed TEA party candidates. It is that message that resonates.

She has hitched her wagon to the winning team.

Rush Limbaugh has some great points here: LINK

Palin is being held to a different standard. Politics is full of hacks. I predicted the quick demise of the Democrat party momentum based purely on the predictable behavior of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, and the indispensable Joe Biden.

The left will continue to attack her because she is a threat. She is polling very well. Those that attacked her are now getting a good look at the allegedly intelligent Obama; campaigner of 57 states; insulter of allies; apologist to the world. He has made the mistakes we knew he would with the economy: predictable reactions to a known crisis. All responses exactly wrong as we predicted based on 75 years of evidence that Keynesian economics is garbage. Then there is the slow, deliberate and still wrong responses to the unpredictable: the oil spill, the Christmas bomber and the Fort Hood Muslim terrorist. Seriously, has Obama done anything right?

Another view here: LINK

So Palin’s stock rises as Obama’s falls. The vindication is a redundancy.

As for her potential as a Presidential candidate however my view is unaffected. She has zero chance of becoming the next President. Sure, the left hates her, just as they’ll hate any true free market conservative. They prefer McCain types. Wishy washy RINO’s that they can manipulate. Some on the right love her-but not all. The middle is the problem. They rejected her before and do not wish to have to admit their mistake. There will be no second chance to make a first impression. The Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson gotcha smear jobs have stuck. She can flex her political muscles on Fox News and the speaking tour. I look forward to our first female President coming from the conservative grass roots. There are many to ponder: Michelle Bachman, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and other lesser known names sure to come. Is there a young Jeane Kirkpatrick out there? An American Margaret Thatcher? Who will be our first black conservative president? I have no idea but I’m certain he or she will be big fans of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

Dick Morris has a great analysis here: LINK on how the GOP can win the Senate this fall. Great stuff. What does not get mentioned though is that while we may win the Senate we’ll be getting there by adding the likes of Mark Kirk-a real idiot that will be all too likely to “reach across the aisle” like his mentor, RINO poster fossil John McCain. What compromises will they dream up instead of a full de-funding and repeal of Obamacare?

More election forecasting here: LINK

Pat Duggan

Government and the Economy

Here’s two seemingly unrelated articles that make for interesting reading and side by side consideration. In the first one LINK we see the Obama as socialist theory put to an interesting test. In some ways what is going on is closer to fascism with the government and selected players cutting deals. This is a disturbing trend as these businesses make a deal with the devil that hurts their competitors initially but gets them as well in the end as the government accumulates power that will be unleashed upon them later without the deal making.

Whether it is fascism or socialism the Democrats dare not say it out loud or reveal their true intentions, so they speak in vague code words and instead of debating their opponents resort to name calling (racism etc).This second article LINK spotlights the harm done by the uncertainty of it all.

Pat Duggan

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Clueless Jurors

It has been evident since the OJ trial that jurors are not up to the task. They do not understand the concept of reasonable doubt-specifically the definition of reasonable.  It is sad but prosecutors need to dumb down their arguments to the lowest common denominator and judges need to make clear to jurors what their obligations entail.

It was evident to most of us that Blago was a crook without the benefit of tape recordings. I am left to wonder where we’d be if party power brokers hadn’t thrown Paul Vallas under the bus years ago. Illinois has such a long way to go.

Pat Duggan

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Governor Quinn handing out raises

Follow the ongoing absurdity of Illinois politics with link below.

Our elected “leaders” are simply incapable of taking even the smallest step in the right direction. For all the blather in recent years about “special interests”-and the backlash against private industry-the biggest outrages are clearly payoffs to public sector unions and the political class.


Pat Duggan

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Illinois Construction Strike

It is aggravating enough dealing with the poorly planned construction projects here in Illinois, now we have to tolerate a slowdown due to striking workers. They are making $50 to $68 per hour ($100K+ annual) and asking for more in a deep recession from a bankrupt state. This is what happens when necessary work is funneled through the government process and comes out the other end as a wasteful bloated mess. Our elected officials are blessing this malfeasance to but the union votes with our money.

Vote every single incumbent out now and every election going forward until this ends. Take care to be sure that when you throw the current bum out you are not replacing him / her with just another political hack who was waiting in the wings. The most important votes will continue to happen in the primaries. The last one produced hacks like Kirk and Gianoulias but we can still send the message this fall and in the future.


Pat Duggan with thanks to a friend for the story link.

Inevitable Socialism?

“Socialists have always spent much of their time seeking new titles for their beliefs, because the old versions so quickly become outdated and discredited.”

-Margaret Thatcher

The socialism questions have been answered. Where Obama is concerned they were answered for most of us long before the election. The books, the speeches, the friends and associates, the rhetoric and the voting record all pointed in the same direction. His brief term as president is not a surprise. What is more unsettling is the actions of the rest of the Democratic party. Again, no surprise where Nancy Pelosi and several others are concerned, but when 60 senators vote in lockstep for socialized health care all pretense is gone. One can hardly blame the Democrats for attempting to avoid the socialist tag-but a mere shift in terminology will not change the outcome.

The left pretends that what they push for is not socialism. How do they make this claim? They seem to think it can’t be socialism if it does not include dictators and gulags and secret police. But what else is a growing government take of GDP, out of control spending, confiscatory taxes, anti-business policy, redistribution of wealth, meddling in banks and manufacturing, giveaways to unions, the takeover of health care and a steady loss of personal freedom? In Marxist theory this is the stage between capitalism and full blown communism.

In terms of socialism as an economic policy look around. Greece is crumbling and the rest of Europe is in denial as evidenced by their $1 trillion bailout, including $50 billion from US tax payers. First socialism brought them high taxes, sluggish economies with permanently high unemployment and now civil unrest. The riots in Greece reveal left wing policy to be little more than an organized tantrum. No money left? Reality be damned. They don’t care. They want what they want.

The Soviet Union collapsed. Former satellites are improving as capitalism, the natural inclination of human nature returns, spurred by the flat tax in many cases. China has thrown in the towel on socialism. They have a long way to go but as China moves in the right direction improvement follows as surely as day follows night.

Socialism had traditionally been implemented through income redistribution-from the currently producing class to the current moochers. Over the past 75 years a new tactic has been used: the transfer of wealth via entitlement benefits to the current generation from future generations via mounting debt and unfunded liabilities. We’ve even heard it called “inter-generational theft” by the economically clueless John McCain. Whoever fed him that sound bite ought to spend some time teaching him the basics of economics. The indignation that accompanies that observation will soon change to: “Look what we’ve done to ourselves.” We are the ones who’ve paid into Social Security for the past several decades. Soon to be retiring “baby boomers” will find that the “contributions” they made for 50 years are gone.

Now the markets are telling us that we are the generation who is being handed the tab. New all-time highs in gold signal inflation and loss of confidence in currencies worldwide.

“During my lifetime most of the problems the world has faced have come, in one fashion or other, from mainland Europe, and the solutions from outside it.”

-Margaret Thatcher

Direction is everything. Momentum is a most powerful force. Where are we heading? Why this overwhelming attitude that impending disaster is inevitable? That we are destined to the same sad fate as Europe? Even Charles Krauthammer seems resigned to the VAT. He should be careful here. All discussions of a VAT should point out the damage it does. It is not just a “cash cow”-it is an economy killer.

Inevitable? I don’t think so. Not as long as we can still vote. That is not the attitude at the TEA rallies. Solutions are simple albeit painful but workable with true leadership. The spending cuts are obvious to the head of any household or free market CEO. The big hurdle is that the current congress would have to admit their role. Hell, they can’t even admit that Fannie Mae needs to go or that Social Security is bankrupt. Sure these problems have been building for 75  years but then again some of them, like the disgraceful, term-limits poster boy Robert Byrd have been in politics almost that long (64 to be exact).

Government workers’ pay will have to be cut to reflect that of the private sector that funds them. All pensions will have to be privatized. Social security too. The voters are realizing that congress cannot be trusted with a dime of it. We may not be able to afford big tax cuts but neither can we afford tax hikes that will only tip us to the right side of the Laffer Curve. We certainly can’t afford an economy crushing VAT…or any of Europe’s other bad ideas. With pro-growth policies we can and will grow our way out of this mess.  There is no other way.

It is time for the biggest repeal since the end of Prohibition. We’ll start with health care and keep going. We’ve had a socialist pyramid scheme building for 75 years. Democrats are the authors but the GOP was / is complicit. Bush made a feeble attempt to start entitlement reform. So what. It is said that to try is to fail with honor. There is no honor in backing down on the single most important economic issue of our lifetime. How about a little Churchillian “never, never, never give up”?

After The Democrat sweep in 2008 the lapdog media was quick to declare the end of capitalism and the death of the GOP. This was wishful thinking. At the national level the spotlight would shift to Pelosi, Reid, Dodd and Barney Frank. Their corruption and poor judgment would surely sink them.

On the GOP side McCain was criticized from the right for his incompetent campaign and business bashing. RINO’s like Lindsey Graham are called out for joining in crazy “cap and trade” proposals while global warming is revealed to be a scam. Despite missteps from Olympia Snowe and others the Republican party held firm in their opposition to health care-siding with the American majority. It is now the Democrat party that is splintering as the extreme left wing is unhappy. Obama is too centrist for them!

We face a series of elections. Goal #1 is the end of the Democrat majority. Scott Brown’s victory in the race for Ted Kennedy’s old seat was a breakthrough. Goal #2 is better candidates / winners in this election and 2012. All incumbents must go. Recycling of Romney or Palin will backfire. New blood like Paul Ryan of Wisconsin or Tim Pawlenty is the better bet. Progress is evident already. Incumbents are losing primaries. Illinois with their early primary is behind in this. We have a long battle ahead. Corruption is deeply entrenched. Hopeless feelings abound but we can draw inspiration from other states and then copy their plan.

Both major parties need to be overhauled. We need term limits and we need to send them back to the private sector-if they have ever been there. No lobbying. The next generation of leaders should bring private sector experience as a prerequisite. I’d like to see an entrepreneur president in my lifetime. The candidacies of Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman are encouraging. If it is time for our first female president let’s hope we can do better than our first black president.

Pat Duggan

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Welcome to CenterDebate

This blog / forum is dedicated to, and created for, those of us who can’t believe what is happening to our country. The drastic measures that marked the end of the Bush presidency have gone into overdrive under the Obama administration. What started as an attempt to prevent the meltdown of the financial markets, banking system and the economy as a whole has spun out of control into a concerted effort to remake our system of government. These recent developments are a wake-up call.

The creeping socialism that took hold during the FDR era, during another “crisis” that was used to frighten the citizenry into giving up their freedom, has now sped up to a gallop. The march has been incremental yet relentless. The power grab on display under the guise of health care “reform” is an outrage. Toxic policies can wreak havoc immediately or fester over time. Old and new deals are on a collision course. Time has run out.

“Ponzi” schemes can be kept afloat for a long time if you can keep the money flowing in. The duration of Bernie Madoff’s scam is still being uncovered. It likely lasted for decades. Social Security is just another pyramid, this one run by the US government and we are all victims with no choice but to participate. Nevertheless, the day of reckoning is here. The US government will officially pay out more in Social Security benefits this year than it takes in from FICA taxes. Even the New York Times concurs with this. That it is now running in the red on an annual budget basis is just the tip of the iceberg.

The unfunded liabilities, the promises made to all the workers over the decades is in excess of $14 TRILLION. (Source: ) There is no “trust fund”. Every penny you’ve paid into this system over the decades was spent immediately on something else. All this debt is in addition to the annual budget deficits and accumulated debt that the politicians are talking about. The unfunded liabilities related to Medicare dwarf the other figures, coming in at $75 TRILLION as I type (same source). Add it all up and we’re talking $108 TRILLION+.

This is a bipartisan mess. Over the years we’ve had Republican and Democrat Presidents and both parties have had their turn with majorities in Congress. They’ve debated issues large and small while passing this ticking time bomb on to the next congress, the next generation. Now they’ve decided to circumvent the debate process, just shoving through massive legislation without even reading it.

Why CenterDebate? Roughly a third of the people who actually bother to register and then vote self-identify as Democrats, another third as Republicans and the final third remain “independent”. This middle third, the center, is the swing vote that decides the national elections. Now,  these are estimates, and they change over time and they’ve changed quite a bit in the recent election cycles. The pendulum swings back and forth as one administration after another shirks their responsibilities. Neither party seems to get the message.

Will a third party emerge? Time will tell. Nothing is impossible. Right now it is imperative that the two major parties get the message. We are not going to be duped into bipartisan bickering when there is such an urgent fiscal situation. Politicians from the left and right would prefer to keep us occupied fighting each other while they protect their incumbencies, collect six figure salaries, wield clout and cater to their special interests. We get the tax bill and the growing debt. It’s time to fight a different political battle-against the political class and the growing monster that our government has become. I don’t care what your particular politics are. The math is very simple. The whole mess is unsustainable. Governments have collapsed throughout history and if we don’t learn those lessons-and apply them-the US will join a club we don’t want to be in.

Input is welcome. The mission is to create a dialogue that can cut through the deception. Let’s have the debate that our politicians refuse to have.

One rule:
No BS. You are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts.
Every attempt will be made to “fact check” this forum and lies, deceptions and myths will be culled with extreme prejudice.

The ultimate goal is not endless debate-it is real solutions, and impact at election time, this November and beyond. Important decisions need to be made. Crucial steps need to be taken. Let’s start by weeding out the incumbents and then insisting on better candidates at the primary level.

The 2012 elections begin now.

Pat Duggan

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