Loyal Attack Dog Being “Put Down”

It’s really amazing to watch the left wing’s professional TV guests contort themselves over Anthony Weiner. This guy was one of their lead attack dogs for years. He was / is an extremely obnoxious and belligerent voice for the Democrat Party and their socialist agenda. His style is to brazenly make bold claims while distorting statistics. He is the guy that is always interrupting someone.

But now, guys like Bob Beckel are appearing on Fox and saying, “Who’s Anthony Weiner”. Beckel or Leslie Marshall said something along the lines of: I live in California-I’d never heard of this guy until the scandal. Really.

Weiner never should have been able to rise to this level.

He is now under the bus, where the rest of the Democrats tossed him. He will soon lose his grip and come tumbling out the back, tire tracks all over.

Good riddance.

Pat Duggan

Published in: on June 9, 2011 at 9:43 am  Comments (2)  
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