An Awful Bill That Improves Nothing

While the Dodd-Frank bill is certainly a financial regulation bill it is not reform in any positive sense. Many of us need look no further than the names attached to it to know something wicked this way comes. Yet another 2,300 page monstrosity this joke does nothing to address the core of the financial mess: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and hopelessly Utopian left wing housing fantasy made policy through misguided laws like the Community Reinvestment Act.

It does expose flash-in-the-pan Senate sensation Scott Brown as a fool. He joins Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins in the useful idiot department. I am not shocked. His surprise victory did not derail the Obamacare disaster. He supported the now-imploding Massacare mess prior to his opportunistic conversion. Please remember that when tempted to support pretty boy Mitt Romney who signed that bill.

Add one more item to the repeal list.

Pat Duggan

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Michael Ashton and the E-piphany blog

This is a political blog but we can’t ignore the markets. I and many of my friends and  (hopefully) blog readers spent most of the past 25 or more years on trading floors and now off the floor as well. One friend from my CBOT era has written market commentary for many years and is worth a look. Currency markets can be confusing even for the professional traders. Politicians do not “get them” at all. They fall all over each other trying to weaken their own currency when history shows this is not the path to prosperity.


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