Standing Up to Nanny State Creeps

Rand Paul received a lot of attention in his Senate campaign. The media was eager to play “gotcha” games with him because they consider Capitalism to be controversial. Never mind that it is the basis for the economic system which propelled the United States from nothing to the most powerful nation on earth.

Over the years regulations have piled up by the thousands. The left continues to blame “deregulation” for just about everything, especially the ongoing financial mess. There is zero proof this is so-yet the media reports it as fact.

What is a fact is that regulators have been amassing power unchecked by Congress. Rand Paul is a breath of fresh air as we can see in this video: LINK

Thanks to John Stossel for a great show.

Like Sen. Paul I have waited years to tell one of these government bullies that their intrusions are not welcome. I thank the Senator. He speaks for me and surely millions of other freedom-loving Americans.

It is no surprise that the bureaucrat here is unfazed by this criticism. Indeed she projects the smug arrogance of a liberal who is certain they know better than you.

While Democrats fought for zero spending cuts and Republican “leaders” countered with piddly $60 billion counter offers, Sen. Paul proposed a serious $500 billion alternative package of cuts.

Who should we take seriously?

Pat Duggan


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