Animal House of Representatives

It is essential that the Republican Party attract the youth vote that was so instrumental in electing Barack Obama. They need to shed their image as old and stodgy. ” Conservative” is not how young people see themselves.

The younger generation has a huge stake in all this. They are being victimized by the entitlement structures from social security to Obamacare and the out-of-control debt situation. To get, and hold, their attention a “New GOP” will need to make politics fun. A tough task perhaps-and yet Jonah Goldberg compares Nancy Pelosi to Bluto from “Animal House” in his latest column, here:



Pat Duggan

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This Guy is Brilliant

After all, he agrees with me. 🙂 The TEA party movement is about bigger things. The GOP organization, such as it is, and the professional commentators are in a snit because Delaware voters didn’t follow instructions. Maybe it’s because those prognosticators didn’t foresee / warn / prevent RINO poster boy McCain from seizing and then squandering the GOP presidential nomination leading us to this current predicament. Especially Michael Medved.


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TEA Party Analysis

I am not a big Peggy Noonan fan. She swings from the right side and yet drank the Obama Koolaid.

But this is great analysis of the TEA party phenomenon.  I really like the yardstick analogy. George Bush is the poster boy for big government / big spending Republicans. The TEA party is a reaction to 75 years of creeping socialism and nanny state intrusion.

Check it out:


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Here’s a great idea

I love this concept from Mike Ashton:

Claw backs on congress. I don’t think he goes far enough.


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Illinois Construction Strike

It is aggravating enough dealing with the poorly planned construction projects here in Illinois, now we have to tolerate a slowdown due to striking workers. They are making $50 to $68 per hour ($100K+ annual) and asking for more in a deep recession from a bankrupt state. This is what happens when necessary work is funneled through the government process and comes out the other end as a wasteful bloated mess. Our elected officials are blessing this malfeasance to but the union votes with our money.

Vote every single incumbent out now and every election going forward until this ends. Take care to be sure that when you throw the current bum out you are not replacing him / her with just another political hack who was waiting in the wings. The most important votes will continue to happen in the primaries. The last one produced hacks like Kirk and Gianoulias but we can still send the message this fall and in the future.


Pat Duggan with thanks to a friend for the story link.

Michael Ashton and the E-piphany blog

This is a political blog but we can’t ignore the markets. I and many of my friends and  (hopefully) blog readers spent most of the past 25 or more years on trading floors and now off the floor as well. One friend from my CBOT era has written market commentary for many years and is worth a look. Currency markets can be confusing even for the professional traders. Politicians do not “get them” at all. They fall all over each other trying to weaken their own currency when history shows this is not the path to prosperity.


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Michael Barone on Obama’s “thuggery”

There is a right and a wrong way to do things. We do not advocate vigilante justice even when the situation lends itself to outrage. And there is a right and a wrong way to enforce the laws that would make BP pay the appropriate damages for the gulf oil spill. Obama considers himself above all that. It grates.

Michael Barone is great. He is not a hot head. He did not use the word “thuggery” lightly.


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Krauthammer on Israel

Nobody else could have written this piece.

While there is widespread support for Israel in the rational media Charles Krauthammer has a way with words that has no equal. Israel is fighting for its very existence. Hamas has fired thousands of rockets from Gaza and yet Israel has cooperated in supplying them with their “humanitarian supplies” while carefully searching for the weapons that Iran is attempting to smuggle in.

Obama has repeatedly insulted this crucial US ally. We are moving closer by the day to a nuclear Iran. Never before has a nuclear weapon rested in the hands of a regime with a publicly expressed intent to use it-not as a deterrent-but as a first strike weapon. Iran and Hamas are explicit in their intentions to destroy Israel.  Their emissaries from Turkey and elsewhere are not “peace activists”. We are heading toward World War 3.

Read the final paragraph in this sobering column:

“The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, 6 million — that number again — hard by the Mediterranean, refusing every invitation to national suicide. For which they are relentlessly demonized, ghettoized and constrained from defending themselves, even as the more committed anti-Zionists — Iranian in particular — openly prepare a more final solution.”

Read the full column here. Please. LINK

Pat Duggan

Key Policy Commentary

The oil spill dominates the news and will continue to. We can’t vote it away. It is too late to prepare for it. I will join those who acknowledge the failures of BP AND Government here and push for policies that reduce the chances of future catastrophes. I would summarize that policy this way:

We are decades away, minimum, from an oil-free world and for national security reasons we cannot rely on unfriendly nations to supply us. We need to increase domestic drilling on-shore and off-shore while backing away from the deep water drilling that has caused this problem.

While this plays out we can’t afford to lose sight of the two key issues where we can have a direct immediate impact: the economy and foreign affairs.

For some economic perspective check out Art Laffer in the Wall Street Journal who notes that coming tax policy can sink us into a “double dip” recession in 2011. LINK

Arthur Brooks draws interesting comparisons to Greece here: LINK

Note: Arthur Brooks will be in Chicago in two weeks for a speech and book signing. Those interested in attending a great event should contact me directly. If you do not have my email please access the “leave a comment” feature directly below.

Fred Barnes has great insight into the ways of Washington but he falls into a familiar trap here. Those expecting Obama to “pivot to the right” or any of the many maneuvers of Bill Clinton are not getting it. Obama is not Bill Clinton. Clinton liked playing politics and understood the dynamics of compromise and how it could preserve power. Obama views all of that as just part of the problem. He does not like America or its political structure. He wants to “change” it. Read Fred here: LINK

Blogger “Neoneocon” has some comments on the pivot here: LINK

Pat Duggan

Dick Morris: Obama is incompetent

Dick Morris has a catchy headline: “Obama doesn’t have a clue.”

Read his column here: LINK

Dick imagines himself smarter than the Democrats he worked for and has made a name for himself as one of their chief critics. I find his observations frequently enlightening but he misses the mark several times here. We are not surprised that Obama is incompetent. His total lack of relevant experience-either administrative or private sector-was one of his main shortcomings and the way the mainstream media ignored it was infuriating. By election day the story was that he ran such a great campaign he could surely handle the presidency.

Morris writes: “He doesn’t know how to stop the oil from spilling. He is bereft of ideas about how to create jobs in the aftermath of the recession. He has no idea how to keep the European financial crisis contained. He has no program for repaying the massive debt hole into which he has dug our nation without tax increases he must know will only deepen the pit.”

The problem isn’t that Obama doesn’t “know how” to plug the oil leak-the experts at BP clearly don’t either. The problem is that Obama views business-all business-as the enemy. As I have noted, BP caused this mess, but at this stage of the crisis the Obama administration should be working with BP. Instead they are doing the only thing they know how to do: attack the big bad business entity. They should be working with BP and engaging all the other big oil companies to help. They all can benefit from a quick solution or be damaged by the fallout.

As for the financial crisis unfolding in Europe this is classic liberal behavior. They cling to their socialist ideology and pseudo-Keynesian economic theory in spite of the historic evidence. Both are consistent failures. Obama dare not speak the solution for Greece and the rest of the “PIIGS”. Bring government spending and public sector unions under control and implement pro-business policy? If then forced to take this advice he’d have to completely reverse his entire agenda. He might even have to pull a “Specter” and switch parties.

Entrepreneur or Unemployed?

Former labor secretary Robert Reich makes a basic observation here: lots of unemployed are making attempts at starting their own business-but he has to put his own liberal spin on it. He claims that congress has made it easier for them with Obamacare. Please. What these statistics show is that the American spirit is alive and kicking. We want jobs-not handouts. The high unemployment rate is going to be Obama’s undoing-not the oil spill.

Read the story here: LINK

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Charles Krauthammer on Obama Foreign Policy

Regular readers of Charles Krauthammer and fans of Fox News Special Report are well familiar with his views on all things Obama. The administrations’ policy toward Iran is breathtakingly naive. They have blown several chances to help topple the current psychotic regime. Charles calls their response “flaccid”-ouch. Their handling of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons puts the whole world at risk.

Dr. Krauthammer’s column appears Mondays in the Chicago Tribune. But readers of Center Debate can have something to worry about all weekend by following the link.

Read his latest column here:

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Worth reading

Tony Blankley has some interesting thoughts here. The thing that really stands out is the CBO report that reminds us that in 1944-45 the top marginal tax rate hit 94%! There is absolutely no justification for confiscation of personal property to that degree. It is frightening that we’ve lived among those that have no problem with that for so long.

A rousing piece on free markets-and our lack of them. Interesting / scary explanation of the 72 year rule. A solid debunking of the deregulation myth.

Walter Williams points out some basic failures of liberal policies: they hurt the poor.

And more from Walter Williams. Here he takes on income redistribution calling it slavery.

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