No Room For A View

The View is a truly idiotic TV show. Uninformed yet highly opinionated liberal hostesses regularly attempt to tackle contentious issues. Journalistic dinosaur Barbara Walters stood by as raving lunatic Rosie O’Donnell spouted deranged 9/11 conspiracy theories. The morning time slot is not exactly the network news hour but ABC lost any last shred of credibility by allowing that to go on as long as they did. Why anyone cares what Joy Behar thinks about anything is beyond me. She recently attacked Congresswoman Michele Bachman for side-stepping the Carl Paladino gay parade non-issue, and taking a principled stand against the out-of-control government S-Chip program. She said Bachmann was “against children”, repeatedly, on her Headline News show. Michele Bachmann has raised 5 children of her own and 23 foster children. Joy Behar is ignorant and nasty. See for yourself: LINK

I am not a big fan of Bill O’Reilly. He is best described as a “social conservative”, but he is astoundingly economically ignorant. He sort of admits that on air but that doesn’t stop him from attacking oil companies and insurance companies in the midst of crises clearly caused by government induced price distortions. I watch his show for the guests. Watching John Stossel educate him on free market economics is great fun. The pompous O’Reilly is so self-absorbed he doesn’t see how foolish he looks.

On Thursday the shameless, self-promoting Factor host went on the view to promote his latest book. I’ll give him credit for taking on the 4 shrews single-handedly. Token conservative Elisabeth Hasslebeck is barely allowed to talk. They surely delight in her being blonde-allowing viewers to stereotype and dismiss her. The show went downhill quickly.

When Bill dared to mention that the 9/11 murders were committed by Muslims, and that building a Muslim mosque nearby was “legal but insensitive” Joy and Whoopi stormed off the set. Sorry girls, these are facts.

That is the only facet of this brouhaha worth pondering: When confronted with facts that contradict their view liberals throw tantrums.

Many of us have experienced variations of this. Liberals live in a state of perpetual cognitive dissonance, or simultaneously holding opposing beliefs. This creates a state of discomfort when facts invade their force field. The View shrews can ignore Elizabeth, but O’Reilly gets in their face.

This is occurring on a breathtakingly large scale in modern politics. FDR’s twisted version of Keynesian economics (Keynes thought 25% taxation was about the limit the economy could handle) failed miserably with the depression deepening and dragging on for a decade-yet modern liberals insist we can spend our way out of trouble. We’ve lost 2.5 million jobs since Obama’s inauguration yet they claim they “saved or created” 3 million. Social Security is bankrupt and the trust fund is a myth. Something’s gotta give and polls indicate it’s America’s willingness to tolerate this nonsense.

For more on that Keynes claim go here: LINK

What we are witnessing on “The View” and various biased media shows masquerading as news is nothing less than a blatant attempt to re-write history. These people live in a bubble that allows them to think of Fidel Castro as the beneficent leader of a workers’ paradise. This is one bubble that sorely needs to be burst. The internet and Fox News are helping to make that a reality. What we need are politicians that are brave enough to step on that third rail of politics and call Social Security what it is: A government mandated pyramid scheme. Let’s make sure they don’t shoot the messenger.

Pat Duggan


Random Absurdities

Global warming isn’t killing us but believers are: LINK

The “warmers” would not agree to debate anyone and claimed a nonexistent consensus instead. Now we know why: they were making it all up: LINK

Gangs. We know who they are. We damn well better be harassing them.

The ACLU will claim their civil rights are being violated. Wrong. When your only reason to exist is to prey upon society your civil rights have been forfeited. LINK

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Illinois Construction Strike

It is aggravating enough dealing with the poorly planned construction projects here in Illinois, now we have to tolerate a slowdown due to striking workers. They are making $50 to $68 per hour ($100K+ annual) and asking for more in a deep recession from a bankrupt state. This is what happens when necessary work is funneled through the government process and comes out the other end as a wasteful bloated mess. Our elected officials are blessing this malfeasance to but the union votes with our money.

Vote every single incumbent out now and every election going forward until this ends. Take care to be sure that when you throw the current bum out you are not replacing him / her with just another political hack who was waiting in the wings. The most important votes will continue to happen in the primaries. The last one produced hacks like Kirk and Gianoulias but we can still send the message this fall and in the future.


Pat Duggan with thanks to a friend for the story link.

Attorney General Holder must go…

…and he will. This is unacceptable. The voter intimidation was undeniable and on videotape. The whistle blower, J. Christian Adams is a credible source who is compelling in his TV interviews; a consummate pro. Right now Holder looks like a bigger racist than Robert Byrd. Cabinet members are thrown under the bus in every administration and this idiot is the perfect candidate.

I wanted to leave the Independence Day post on top for the holiday but Holder may not last the weekend. Friday’s slow news day would be a perfect time to “accept his resignation”. Obama is a fool if he doesn’t cut him loose ASAP.


Pat Duggan

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Krauthammer on Israel

Nobody else could have written this piece.

While there is widespread support for Israel in the rational media Charles Krauthammer has a way with words that has no equal. Israel is fighting for its very existence. Hamas has fired thousands of rockets from Gaza and yet Israel has cooperated in supplying them with their “humanitarian supplies” while carefully searching for the weapons that Iran is attempting to smuggle in.

Obama has repeatedly insulted this crucial US ally. We are moving closer by the day to a nuclear Iran. Never before has a nuclear weapon rested in the hands of a regime with a publicly expressed intent to use it-not as a deterrent-but as a first strike weapon. Iran and Hamas are explicit in their intentions to destroy Israel.  Their emissaries from Turkey and elsewhere are not “peace activists”. We are heading toward World War 3.

Read the final paragraph in this sobering column:

“The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, 6 million — that number again — hard by the Mediterranean, refusing every invitation to national suicide. For which they are relentlessly demonized, ghettoized and constrained from defending themselves, even as the more committed anti-Zionists — Iranian in particular — openly prepare a more final solution.”

Read the full column here. Please. LINK

Pat Duggan

Key Policy Commentary

The oil spill dominates the news and will continue to. We can’t vote it away. It is too late to prepare for it. I will join those who acknowledge the failures of BP AND Government here and push for policies that reduce the chances of future catastrophes. I would summarize that policy this way:

We are decades away, minimum, from an oil-free world and for national security reasons we cannot rely on unfriendly nations to supply us. We need to increase domestic drilling on-shore and off-shore while backing away from the deep water drilling that has caused this problem.

While this plays out we can’t afford to lose sight of the two key issues where we can have a direct immediate impact: the economy and foreign affairs.

For some economic perspective check out Art Laffer in the Wall Street Journal who notes that coming tax policy can sink us into a “double dip” recession in 2011. LINK

Arthur Brooks draws interesting comparisons to Greece here: LINK

Note: Arthur Brooks will be in Chicago in two weeks for a speech and book signing. Those interested in attending a great event should contact me directly. If you do not have my email please access the “leave a comment” feature directly below.

Fred Barnes has great insight into the ways of Washington but he falls into a familiar trap here. Those expecting Obama to “pivot to the right” or any of the many maneuvers of Bill Clinton are not getting it. Obama is not Bill Clinton. Clinton liked playing politics and understood the dynamics of compromise and how it could preserve power. Obama views all of that as just part of the problem. He does not like America or its political structure. He wants to “change” it. Read Fred here: LINK

Blogger “Neoneocon” has some comments on the pivot here: LINK

Pat Duggan

Dick Morris: Obama is incompetent

Dick Morris has a catchy headline: “Obama doesn’t have a clue.”

Read his column here: LINK

Dick imagines himself smarter than the Democrats he worked for and has made a name for himself as one of their chief critics. I find his observations frequently enlightening but he misses the mark several times here. We are not surprised that Obama is incompetent. His total lack of relevant experience-either administrative or private sector-was one of his main shortcomings and the way the mainstream media ignored it was infuriating. By election day the story was that he ran such a great campaign he could surely handle the presidency.

Morris writes: “He doesn’t know how to stop the oil from spilling. He is bereft of ideas about how to create jobs in the aftermath of the recession. He has no idea how to keep the European financial crisis contained. He has no program for repaying the massive debt hole into which he has dug our nation without tax increases he must know will only deepen the pit.”

The problem isn’t that Obama doesn’t “know how” to plug the oil leak-the experts at BP clearly don’t either. The problem is that Obama views business-all business-as the enemy. As I have noted, BP caused this mess, but at this stage of the crisis the Obama administration should be working with BP. Instead they are doing the only thing they know how to do: attack the big bad business entity. They should be working with BP and engaging all the other big oil companies to help. They all can benefit from a quick solution or be damaged by the fallout.

As for the financial crisis unfolding in Europe this is classic liberal behavior. They cling to their socialist ideology and pseudo-Keynesian economic theory in spite of the historic evidence. Both are consistent failures. Obama dare not speak the solution for Greece and the rest of the “PIIGS”. Bring government spending and public sector unions under control and implement pro-business policy? If then forced to take this advice he’d have to completely reverse his entire agenda. He might even have to pull a “Specter” and switch parties.

Entrepreneur or Unemployed?

Former labor secretary Robert Reich makes a basic observation here: lots of unemployed are making attempts at starting their own business-but he has to put his own liberal spin on it. He claims that congress has made it easier for them with Obamacare. Please. What these statistics show is that the American spirit is alive and kicking. We want jobs-not handouts. The high unemployment rate is going to be Obama’s undoing-not the oil spill.

Read the story here: LINK

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The Oil Spill Blame Game

I called this blog Center Debate for reasons spelled out in the “Mission Statement”. While my written views here make it clear that I lean right I also will continue to argue that it is simplistic to try placing us all in one of two categories. While I disagree with much of the left’s positions I have been critical of GOP politicians-especially the Bush presidents. I am staunchly pro-free markets.

The ongoing mess in the Gulf of Mexico is a true test of these convictions. Here is my attempt at balance:

BP screwed up. Big time. They own this. If you are going to engage in deep water drilling you had better have your disaster plans ready. I watched an ABC reporter tour the Louisiana shore line with the BP Chairman who stuck to the company line of “We’re doing everything we can…blah blah blah.” Behind him were a handful of workers in white “Haz Mat” suits with shovels and kitchen garbage bags cleaning by hand. It would be laughable if it were not so utterly insulting. All along I have shouted at the TV, “Where is the big BP equipment sucking up this precious oil and dumping into tankers?” It floats ferchrisake. You can skim it off the top. You can suck in tankers’ full and then pump the water out from the bottom.

For once big business is almost entirely to blame. I defended the oil companies when crude hit $145 per barrel. I still support extensive drilling. I still think the cry for alternative energy to replace fossil fuels is incredibly naive. I think that man-caused global warming has been exposed to be an orchestrated fraud. I think some democrats need to admit that their party, and to a great extent our country, has allowed extremists waving the environmental flag to gain undue influence in our energy policy and in doing so has endangered our national security. Russia and a good chunk of the world who are not friendly to the US are cornering energy markets and stockpiling weapons. We are tilting at windmills and appeasing tyrants.

BP has done proponents of free markets and pragmatic energy policy a real disservice.  It would behoove the other major oil companies to assist BP in plugging this leak and cleaning up the mess.

As for the Obama administration they are steadily losing credibility in this and other important issues. Their stance should be obvious: First, do whatever is necessary to contain this mess. Offer BP the full support of the US government. There will be time for the blame game later. The longer this takes to fix the more the Obama crew deserves to share in the blame. Administrations don’t cause disasters-Bush didn’t cause Katrina-but the way they respond is open to review.

Lastly, one of the major contributing factors in this mess is the depth at which BP was drilling. The well head is a full mile down. The only reason BP is drilling under these difficult conditions is because the coastal areas are under a drilling ban. Land based drilling in Alaska is much safer than this but is also banned. This disaster does not change those facts. We are many decades away from an oil free world. It’s time to put the grownups back in charge and put in place a sensible energy policy-one that will withstand the every four year change of administrations.

Pat Duggan

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Charles Krauthammer on Obama Foreign Policy

Regular readers of Charles Krauthammer and fans of Fox News Special Report are well familiar with his views on all things Obama. The administrations’ policy toward Iran is breathtakingly naive. They have blown several chances to help topple the current psychotic regime. Charles calls their response “flaccid”-ouch. Their handling of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons puts the whole world at risk.

Dr. Krauthammer’s column appears Mondays in the Chicago Tribune. But readers of Center Debate can have something to worry about all weekend by following the link.

Read his latest column here:

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In The News

Just click to read further:

AG Holder has attacked the AZ bill-but he hasn’t read it:

Bailouts don’t work in Europe either:

Spain the next Greece? How’s that “green jobs” economy working out?

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Worth reading

Tony Blankley has some interesting thoughts here. The thing that really stands out is the CBO report that reminds us that in 1944-45 the top marginal tax rate hit 94%! There is absolutely no justification for confiscation of personal property to that degree. It is frightening that we’ve lived among those that have no problem with that for so long.

A rousing piece on free markets-and our lack of them. Interesting / scary explanation of the 72 year rule. A solid debunking of the deregulation myth.

Walter Williams points out some basic failures of liberal policies: they hurt the poor.

And more from Walter Williams. Here he takes on income redistribution calling it slavery.

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Today’s Dose of Outrage

All rumors are true. The Democrats want to seize your privately held IRA and 401K funds. They are not satisfied with bankrupting the country and the social security system. Those of us who saw the light and saved on our own are now targets. Is there anything outside of your safe deposit box that is safe:

Read about it here.

Thanks to JW

The Illinois House of Representatives killed the school voucher bill. The Trib does not list who voted against this important piece of legislation. I will when I find it. This bill had support from Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites. Who opposed it? The teachers unions. Much more on vouchers to come.

Vouchers defeated.

And by request, check out these links to Andrew Breitbart’s website where they report on Don and Roma playing a tape of a Channel 2 producer claiming they will not cover the Senate election if Mark Kirk wants to talk about the failure of Broadway Bank.

Thanks to JK.

Click on these links:

From Big

Listen to the Don and Roma report.

The CBS 2 response.

It looks like a cop out to me.

Media Bias is rampant and well documented. More on that very soon.

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