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This blog / forum is dedicated to, and created for, those of us who can’t believe what is happening to our country. The drastic measures that marked the end of the Bush presidency have gone into overdrive under the Obama administration. What started as an attempt to prevent the meltdown of the financial markets, banking system and the economy as a whole has spun out of control into a concerted effort to remake our system of government. These recent developments are a wake-up call.

The creeping socialism that took hold during the FDR era, during another “crisis” that was used to frighten the citizenry into giving up their freedom, has now sped up to a gallop. The march has been incremental yet relentless. The power grab on display under the guise of health care “reform” is an outrage. Toxic policies can wreak havoc immediately or fester over time. Old and new deals are on a collision course. Time has run out.

“Ponzi” schemes can be kept afloat for a long time if you can keep the money flowing in. The duration of Bernie Madoff’s scam is still being uncovered. It likely lasted for decades. Social Security is just another pyramid, this one run by the US government and we are all victims with no choice but to participate. Nevertheless, the day of reckoning is here. The US government will officially pay out more in Social Security benefits this year than it takes in from FICA taxes. Even the New York Times concurs with this. That it is now running in the red on an annual budget basis is just the tip of the iceberg.

The unfunded liabilities, the promises made to all the workers over the decades is in excess of $14 TRILLION. (Source: www.usdebtclock.org ) There is no “trust fund”. Every penny you’ve paid into this system over the decades was spent immediately on something else. All this debt is in addition to the annual budget deficits and accumulated debt that the politicians are talking about. The unfunded liabilities related to Medicare dwarf the other figures, coming in at $75 TRILLION as I type (same source). Add it all up and we’re talking $108 TRILLION+.

This is a bipartisan mess. Over the years we’ve had Republican and Democrat Presidents and both parties have had their turn with majorities in Congress. They’ve debated issues large and small while passing this ticking time bomb on to the next congress, the next generation. Now they’ve decided to circumvent the debate process, just shoving through massive legislation without even reading it.

Why CenterDebate? Roughly a third of the people who actually bother to register and then vote self-identify as Democrats, another third as Republicans and the final third remain “independent”. This middle third, the center, is the swing vote that decides the national elections. Now,  these are estimates, and they change over time and they’ve changed quite a bit in the recent election cycles. The pendulum swings back and forth as one administration after another shirks their responsibilities. Neither party seems to get the message.

Will a third party emerge? Time will tell. Nothing is impossible. Right now it is imperative that the two major parties get the message. We are not going to be duped into bipartisan bickering when there is such an urgent fiscal situation. Politicians from the left and right would prefer to keep us occupied fighting each other while they protect their incumbencies, collect six figure salaries, wield clout and cater to their special interests. We get the tax bill and the growing debt. It’s time to fight a different political battle-against the political class and the growing monster that our government has become. I don’t care what your particular politics are. The math is very simple. The whole mess is unsustainable. Governments have collapsed throughout history and if we don’t learn those lessons-and apply them-the US will join a club we don’t want to be in.

Input is welcome. The mission is to create a dialogue that can cut through the deception. Let’s have the debate that our politicians refuse to have.

One rule:
No BS. You are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts.
Every attempt will be made to “fact check” this forum and lies, deceptions and myths will be culled with extreme prejudice.

The ultimate goal is not endless debate-it is real solutions, and impact at election time, this November and beyond. Important decisions need to be made. Crucial steps need to be taken. Let’s start by weeding out the incumbents and then insisting on better candidates at the primary level.

The 2012 elections begin now.

Pat Duggan

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