Jon Stewart is Most Misinformed

I like Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. I think Colbert is even funnier. It takes great talent to stay “in character” like that. And let’s face it, politicians are mostly self-absorbed, blithering idiots–so making fun of them is a public service.

But Stewart revealed much about himself in his interview on Fox with Chris Wallace. He thinks he’s smarter than the Fox guys (and gals). What’s really nauseating though, is he thinks his motives are pure as he cops his holier-than-thou attitude. He’s great when he’s being funny–but when he turns serious, we see a typical liberal: angry and arrogant.

See the entire interview here: LINK

Stewart is not likable in the interview. But the low point is where he adamantly insists that Fox viewers are “consistently” the most uninformed…”every poll”. False. Wallace debunks this by going over the poll results. Nothing shocking here. Polls can skew results by the questions they ask–or how they ask them.

See the smack down here: LINK

If you think the economy still sucks or that “man made global warming” has been exposed as a fully-orchestrated hoax, the liberally-biased pollster says you’re misinformed. We’ve all experienced this with smug liberal friends.

Confront the know-it-alls with facts that upset their world view and they become nasty.

Liberals start with a conclusion and go data mining for evidence to support their desired reality.

Conservatives explore the facts and then draw logical conclusions-even when it’s uncomfortable.

Pat Duggan

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The Left’s New Math

In their attempts to demonize Republican efforts to restore fiscal sanity the left will try anything, from basic smears to grand hyperbole and outright lies. The Tea Party is “extreme”. Budget cuts will starve seniors and even “kill women” according to Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y. Now the class warriors are trying a new tactic, one that requires inventing a totally new concept: reverse wealth redistribution.

The theme is appearing more frequently. I hear it in conversations with liberal friends and echoed in the media. E.J. Dionne floated it in a recent column, where left-wing fantasies run free. More evidence that this is an orchestrated left-wing talking point came from Donna Brazile on ABC’s Sunday morning show.

What is their claim? Ms. Brazile claims that Republican policy, as evidenced in Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity”, is “taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich…in a redistribution of wealth.” Huh?

E.J. Dionne wrote that we “are about to learn how radical the new conservatives in Washington are, and the extent to which some politicians would transfer even more resources from the have-nots and have-a-littles to the have-a-lots.” I see.

So this is what goes for logic on the left.

All this is based on the left-wing fallacy that the government has any money that isn’t first seized from the private-sector economy. Under this straw man presumption, money is then doled out, with the rich getting more than they need at the expense of the poor. Only using this deeply-flawed starting point can the wealthy, really just this year’s hard-working top earners, actually be “taking” anything from a group that has nothing to begin with-or they wouldn’t be poor now would they?

They’ll say anything that fits their view, regardless of fact. From this foundation they build their “argument”. According to the left, so-called “income distribution” has been severely skewed in recent decades, going back to the Reagan era of course. This is ground zero for tax zealots. But facts are stubborn things. While top tax rates were cut from 91% to 28%, before moving back up to the 35/39% area, revenues continued to increase and the top income brackets saw their share of total tax revenue increase as well. Rather than concede the obvious-that they have lost the debate-they opt to change the subject. It’s not about revenue anymore; it is about “fairness”. Obama said just that in his famous chat with Charlie Gibson when it was pointed out that lower capital gains rates had produced higher revenues.

Bill Gates became a billionaire, and thousands of employees became millionaires, while developing the software that propelled us into the age of personal computers. Billions upon billions in taxes were paid, both by the corporation and the employees through corporate, income and FICA taxes. Microsoft stock has generated billions more in capital gains. Thousands of companies were launched in related industries, creating yet more jobs. Thousand of separate industries became more efficient and our cost of living was lowered while our standard of living increased. We have thousands of years of information at our fingertips and up-to-the-minute news. Yet all this must be wrong because Bill Gates makes X-times more money than the average Joe.

This is the tantrum of the left. When confronted with evidence that destroys their theories they cover their eyes and ears. They won’t look and they won’t listen. Why not embrace the basic truths of the “Laffer Curve” and enjoy the optimized revenue stream? Because that would begin to unravel their carefully constructed world view. If they’re wrong about economics-and they are-what is next? Could it be that their welfare programs actually hurt the poor? Is global warming a hoax? Could the U.S. drill for enough oil here to be truly energy independent?

In the left’s imagination, America is a pie that magically appears and they think the government should slice it up more “fairly”. In reality, those who bake the pie, after paying for all the ingredients, should have a bigger say in how many slices the government seizes. Under current projections, in a few years they will take it all. The bakers will be on strike before that happens.

Pat Duggan

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Liberal Liar

While trying to tune in Cisco Cotto I accidentally stumbled onto the “Stephanie Miller show” on 820 am. I listen to the left wing shows occasionally to further my attempt to understand the left wing thinking process (oxymoron?)

After some giddy Sharron Angle bashing they took a call from a “right winger” who clearly was commenting on the uproar over the head stomping of a protester at the Kentucky Senate debate. He asked the host to compare it to the beating of a black tea party activist by union thugs.

Ms. Miller rudely dismissed the caller with taunts of, “never happened…where’s the video?”…and “douche nozzle” and hanging up to high five her co-host.

Well, I sent Ms. Miller the video. LINK

The beating of Kenneth Gladney is widely known and verified-and she knows it-but I am not holding my breath for a response or retraction.

The left is in full tantrum over the upcoming election wave driven by TEA party activism. Stephanie Miller might need to go to Juan Williams’ psychiatrist.

Pat Duggan


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