Shooter Is Insane-Not Right Wing

I watched the tragic Arizona shooting unfold on Fox News so I was disappointed that I had to hear some reported comments about Tea Party-type protests at Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s townhalls and rallies. That such things were being said on CNN was no surprise. We didn’t even know if the poor woman was dead or alive and these creeps were using her tragedy to bring attention to their agenda. “Never let a crisis go to waste” I guess?

It quickly gets worse. Sarah Palin was quickly blamed by many on the left. Crazed Muslims can commit murder while shouting, “Allah Akbar” and we are not allowed to “jump to conclusions”-but Sarah Palin can’t use metaphors. LINK

This column seems to be disappointed the shooter was not a “card-carrying tea party member”. LINK

Which reminds me: why didn’t I get my tea party membership card?

I prefer my economists to be more level headed-and to have a rational approach to  economics. Krugman has hit a new low in biased drivel. LINK

John Hayward at Human Events deals with Krugman better than I ever could here: LINK

Examples of left-wing violence are everywhere, from: ELF and WTO Protesters to Bill Ayers.

An Ann Coulter event was canceled due to threats from left wing extremists: LINK

The left is losing the battle of ideas (oops, battle sounds kind of violent) so they stoop to the worst kind of smears.

Pat Duggan


More good commentary from the Wall Street Journal LINK and LINK.

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