Illinois Construction Strike

It is aggravating enough dealing with the poorly planned construction projects here in Illinois, now we have to tolerate a slowdown due to striking workers. They are making $50 to $68 per hour ($100K+ annual) and asking for more in a deep recession from a bankrupt state. This is what happens when necessary work is funneled through the government process and comes out the other end as a wasteful bloated mess. Our elected officials are blessing this malfeasance to but the union votes with our money.

Vote every single incumbent out now and every election going forward until this ends. Take care to be sure that when you throw the current bum out you are not replacing him / her with just another political hack who was waiting in the wings. The most important votes will continue to happen in the primaries. The last one produced hacks like Kirk and Gianoulias but we can still send the message this fall and in the future.


Pat Duggan with thanks to a friend for the story link.


More Election Progress

Incumbents are losing PRIMARIES. Voters are rejecting Obama’s endorsed candidates and opting for those backed by the TEA party.

Witnessing the end of Arlen Specter is enough to make this a great day for America. We need strong, young leadership-not shaky old political hacks. Specter is particularly odious, having abandoned the Republican party in a pathetic attempt to save his own job.

Pat Duggan

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