Chicago Tea Party Patriots February Meeting

Wednesday, February 9th was the monthly meeting of the Chicago Tea Party Patriots, delayed by a week due to our epic blizzard. Once again “Blackie’s” in the south loop provided a great venue for the gathering of well-informed and concerned citizens. The agenda was jam packed-yet participation was encouraged via Q and A. The featured speakers are almost always available after as well.

Jeff Tucek reported on his mission to shed light on the huge, unaddressed state-pension liability crisis. Jeff has used his talents and background in the private sector to secure meetings with a number of suburban mayors to explore the issue at the Municipal level. I would describe his efforts as in the fact-finding stages and he is preparing a formal report. We can expect some shocking and eye-opening numbers based on what we heard. The public-sector unions and the elected officials who do their bidding have created a situation which is unsustainable. Their preferred solution of raising taxes cannot close the gap.

Next up was Dr. Albert Pecherek, President of The United States Independent Physicians Association. Their website is full of valuable information including a YouTube video featuring Dr. Pecherek that closely resembles the speech he gave at the meeting. Part of the message is that we cannot count on the Supreme Court to overturn the “Obamacare” bill. The best we could hope for is a 5-4 victory, and the age of the Supreme Court justices alone is cause for concern. Full repeal by Congress is our only sure remedy. Arm yourself with the facts and call and write our elected representatives. The USIPA website is a great place to start. Fewer doctors, rising costs and rationing are the nightmare that awaits us if we don’t repeal this government takeover.

Dr. Kurt Erickson is a cardiologist in Chicago and a regular meeting participant. He spoke of his personal experiences both as a physician and an employer of 140 in his medical group, all of whom are provided with health insurance. He has submitted alternative plans for health care reform with no response from Congress. He shared some of the details with a few of us after the formal speeches and Q and A.

This face-to-face interaction is common to these meetings. There is an informal atmosphere that gives attendees a chance to ask that extra question while the meeting stays on schedule.  This is not a forum for the airing of grievances-this is for concerned citizens looking to get involved.

Last up was John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute. John was one of the featured speakers at the April 15, 2009 “Tax Day Tea Party” rally in Chicago. John was ready for the quickly assembled rally because the Institute has been actively working for reform in Illinois for years. Because of organizations like this, the grass-roots efforts that have taken shape in the last two years were able to gain traction quickly. John spoke about the recent income-tax rate hike in Illinois and the efforts led by the Institute to repeal it. Visit their website and sign the repeal petition. He also engaged in an interesting exchange with Steve Boulton of the Chicago Republican Party about local media.

Eloise Gerson, Chairman of the Chicago GOP wrote to WTTW Channel 11 in Chicago to note the lack of balance via Republican or conservative points of view on the “Chicago Tonight” program. WTTW has never responded. Mr. Tillman suggested a visible carbon copy on the next email letting WTTW know that the public funding of their station would be called into question. He then described his experience with WTTW and the large staff assembled to conduct an interview, contrasting it with Fox News and their remote cameras in a frequently empty room. The private sector keeps to a budget. Public Television, like much of the public sector, does not live in the real world.

The Monthly Tea Party meetings continue to provide a great forum with varied topics and a way to get or stay involved. And the burger deals are fantastic so get there before the 7:00 cutoff!

Pat Duggan

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The GOP’s Missed Opportunity

The election is a week away and the GOP is poised to grab a whole lot of seats. They will almost certainly seize a majority in the House and will draw close in the Senate. It would take a minor miracle to pull that off, but you never know.

So it appears that they have done well with a basic “We’re not them / we voted against Obamacare” strategy but what did they miss?

They missed a chance to set America straight on what really caused the market disruptions and the key role that liberal housing policy played. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and CRA are all scandals that need attention still. And yes, I wish they’d start quick enough to throw a wrench in the gears of the Rahm Emanuel campaign.

Will they take on this mission after the mid-terms? I suggest they do. If we don’t clarify the causes we will not be able to prevent more of the same.

Pat Duggan

Tea Partiers are Ready for Their First Mid Term Election

Wednesday evening I attended the October monthly meeting of the Chicago Tea Party. Featured speakers were Isaac Hayes, the GOP nominee running against Jesse Jackson Jr. (or Senate candidate #5 in FBI reports on Blago’s attempted seat sale) and recent candidate for the Illinois GOP governor nomination, political commentator and radio fill-in Dan Proft. It was the usual lively event with a call for action in the final month approaching the midterm elections with lots of tight races among an expected overall GOP victory. Isaac is ready for congress despite the Chicago Tribune’s gutless “no endorsement” in that race. Dan Proft did a great job of explaining why we prefer the sometimes less polished candidates that agree with our principles and will vote for them over the slick insiders who only sell us out later.

There was various media in attendance including a videographer for CBS evening news. I heard the poor fellow confessing to the owner of host venue, Blackie’s in the south “Loop”, that he’d forgotten his headset and begging to borrow any kind of replacement. Maybe that is why the few seconds of tape that appeared on the Thursday evening news were accompanied only by a Katie Couric voice over and no interviews-all this despite his non-stop 2 hours plus of taping.

Naturally I Tivo’d and watched  the news cast. It is being promoted as an ongoing series on the final month of the campaign. They did their best to smear the TEA party movement and diminish their impact but I doubt it had any effect. Katie Couric’s numbers are at all time lows. LINK

They tried to jam a lot into their 2-3 minute segment. Lots of internal polls designed to show that TEA party activists are white, male, protestant and inclined to vote Republican anyway. This should come as no surprise. The GOP is hearing the message and embracing it. Despite some party insiders insisting on trotting out the same old RINO’s voters are nominating fresh blood. One poll question mirrored the one asked of the Chicago organizer Steve Stevlic: Would the economy have been better off if we allowed the banks to fail? In the interview the car companies were included. This is a transparent apology for bailout-Obamanomics. Sure the economy sucks but it could have been worse-right?

Overall I would describe the coverage as worthless / harmless. It was slanted but mostly just so superficial as to be a waste of viewers’ time. I guess that was their goal: don’t give the TEA party any unnecessary free PR.

In closing the “reporter” Dean Reynolds sighted one last poll that claimed only “22% of Americans view the movement favorably.”

This is nonsense. More than 50% support the TEA party to some degree and would vote for a candidate they support. LINK

The left is in full tantrum now. They have no rational response to a true grass roots effort that focuses on simple, key issues:

1.    Fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, like every household and business manages through good and bad times.

2.    Lower spending that reverts back to constitutionally endorsed basics.

3.    Tax rates that are kept low to allow for free enterprise to flourish with a nod to the Laffer curve.

4.    Accountability in government: citizen legislators as opposed to career political hacks.

Two thirds of America supported Obama after his election despite only 53% voting for him. This shows the inherent optimism of the American people. They’re even good losers. Now two thirds don’t approve of the direction we’re heading. 80% don’t approve of congress. This is what feeds the TEA party with energy. This is not racism. These are the same people that knew government run health care was a bad idea when it was called “Hillarycare”. This is about economics. Only the desperate Democrats think these are racial issues.

Pat Duggan

Daley Done~Good Riddance

For most of Daley’s 20+ years I endured the naive platitudes of his adoring fans “Oh the city looks so pretty”. My reply remains unchanged: At what cost?

Now we are finding out. The budget is in tatters with the Skyway sold and more recently the parking meter fiasco. The balance sheet is depleted. More debt and fewer assets, sold at huge discounts to true value, all rammed through without study or debate by methods that would Nancy Pelosi blush-if her fake face can still do that.

On top of the obvious financial malfeasance there are all the dirty deals, some proven, many more that just stink.

Daley’s retirement is a part of a new emerging pattern: career political hacks bailing out with their amassed wealth and leaving a mess for some other poor slob to figure out and for us to pay for.

The TEA party is having a major impact in elections nationwide and yet Illinois lags behind as evidenced by the GOP nomination of the pathetic Mark Kirk. Chicago level politics is worse. The power struggle will be a sight to see. Will there be a white knight like Paul Vallas stepping up to the plate? Will voters wake up or succumb to more pay to play corruption.

I am not optimistic. Rahm Emanuel. Gag me.

Pat Duggan

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