Newt vs. Mitt

GOP voters are being told that Mitt Romney is our only chance. Rubbish. This comes from otherwise intelligent types like Michael Medved who committed to pathetic loser McCain early in the 2008 campaign.

The latest anti-Romney is Newt Gingrich. I don’t have to list the complaints here; they are well known — Mitt’s mistakes are also.

What’s maddening is it seems “they” have decided that Mitt’s mistakes are forgivable and Newt’s are not.

Now, sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi for a TV commercial is stupid — and doing it to promote the global warming agenda is worse — but many fell into the climate trap and are now reversing themselves. That is the right thing to do if you couldn’t see then that it never passed the smell test.

Yet Romney is forgiven for spearheading Massacare, the precursor to Obamacare. Mitt wants to pretend there are major differences. Nonsense.

If you don’t understand that government control at any level can only make health care and insurance worse then you’re too dumb to be dog catcher, let alone President.

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  1. Pat, Agree that the so called experts are relentlessly humping Romney’s candidacy. Each of our candidates are carrying ditracting baggage that brings their conservative bonafides into question. I’m looking for a candidate who can:
    1. Win in the face of a witheringly negative campaign by Obama
    2. Who will outline in a ‘Contract With The American Majority’ a plan to
    kill Obama-care; open up all energy resources in our territory; revise the tax code that is understandable, flat, universal, i.e. all Americans contribute, and short, i.e. equal to or less than the length of our Constitution; present a plan to balance the budget before the end of his 1st term; a plan for an orderly closer of duplicate Federal programs, and specific, non-constitutional Federal departments.
    The candidate who’ll adopt the program above will smash Obama on election day.

    • …and let’s not forget, he’ll be President — not king. We need Congress to do their job.

  2. The battle lines are starting to solidify; it’s all but a Romney v. Gingrich fight for the nomination at this point. Gingrich has his faults/skeletons but here’s the beauty of that situation; all his skeletons-divorce-infidelity-lobbying etc. are out in the open now and yet he continues to surge in the polls. Romney’s only fault, if you can call it that, is he is from RINO-land and history proves–Ford-GHWB-Dole-McCain–the candidate from RINO-land always loses.

    There is no perfect candidate, never has been never will be, but if you can show me a man who has the soul of a Founder–they weren’t perfect either–I will show you a guy who should be our candidate and will win. I believe Newt has become that candidate over his 15 year long trek through the Sinai of his political exile.

    We Conservatives had better face a little reality along the way or we will end up with a RINO-land loser. Here’s that REALITY: Cain is tempting but lacking in political experience, Perry is all but toast and that leaves us with Romney or Gingrich. Either we get on board with Gingrich or we will lose with RINO-land Romney the heir apparent to the Dole-McCain yoke.

    • I just hope that I get a chance for a primary vote that matters. In 2008 McCain had it locked up before Illinois. That system is broken.

      • Living in Minnesota I empathise with you on the primary

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