Jon Stewart is Most Misinformed

I like Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. I think Colbert is even funnier. It takes great talent to stay “in character” like that. And let’s face it, politicians are mostly self-absorbed, blithering idiots–so making fun of them is a public service.

But Stewart revealed much about himself in his interview on Fox with Chris Wallace. He thinks he’s smarter than the Fox guys (and gals). What’s really nauseating though, is he thinks his motives are pure as he cops his holier-than-thou attitude. He’s great when he’s being funny–but when he turns serious, we see a typical liberal: angry and arrogant.

See the entire interview here: LINK

Stewart is not likable in the interview. But the low point is where he adamantly insists that Fox viewers are “consistently” the most uninformed…”every poll”. False. Wallace debunks this by going over the poll results. Nothing shocking here. Polls can skew results by the questions they ask–or how they ask them.

See the smack down here: LINK

If you think the economy still sucks or that “man made global warming” has been exposed as a fully-orchestrated hoax, the liberally-biased pollster says you’re misinformed. We’ve all experienced this with smug liberal friends.

Confront the know-it-alls with facts that upset their world view and they become nasty.

Liberals start with a conclusion and go data mining for evidence to support their desired reality.

Conservatives explore the facts and then draw logical conclusions-even when it’s uncomfortable.

Pat Duggan

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