U.S. is Certain to Default

-Not on the debt that has been issued in U.S. Treasury bonds-but on the promises they made to you dear tax payer, when they deducted from your paycheck for Social Security and Medicare.

It wasn’t so much a promise as a lie-and we eagerly believed it. Now that we know it’s lie we need to snap out of our collective trance and deal with it.

This requires leadership; a quality sadly lacking in Washington (and Illinois and Chicago for local readers).

Paul Ryan comes closest right now in terms of delivering the bad news. There’s a lot of “shoot the messenger” and way too little support from his team.

Pat Duggan

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  1. We need term limits period! No one in DC as a hair on their rear ends! It is all about me, who cares about the people you are supposed to be representing. A very sad state of affairs. Everyone is in fantasyland just when we need reality therapy!

    JG out

  2. I can’t believe that(gasp!) a member of congress would (gasp!)
    lie to even just one of their designated constituents! What happened to the guy in the Sopranos who owned the sporting good stor and he couldn’t pay the vig? The boys (Tony , Paulie, Bobbie Bacala, Christopher) came into his store busted him up and took over the whole store. Thats what the conservatives need to do to the liberals. Why? Cuz dey can’t pay the vig!
    Sorry for the Sopranos reference but I think it’s appropriate.

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