Anybody But Obama Strategy is Working

There’s very little difference in the media coverage about the wide-open field of contenders for the GOP nomination. Sure the liberal media is more condescending in their attitude and quick to calculate it as an edge to Obama-but even the Fox News crew seems unable to view it optimistically.

I see a very obvious advantage for the GOP in all this. As soon as a clear front runner emerges the Democrat’s attack machine will focus all their talents (and yes they’re good at it) on isolating and smearing that candidate’s record. Until that point the focus remains on the still-weak economy and Obama’s increasingly implausible excuses for it. The anybody-but-Obama polls should be a concern for the White House and the Chicago reelection office.

So let’s keep playing the game. Mitch Daniels drops out and Rick Perry of Texas seemed more interested. Sarah Palin is on a bus tour? Nobody seems to know how to handicap that. I’d say she’s not running but doesn’t want to leave the spotlight. Eventually, the spotlight is going to shine elsewhere.

Tim Pawlenty is a solid #2 in the online betting markets at 18.9% today, behind Romney’s 30.4%. That’s way ahead of declared candidates like Paul, Gingrich, Cain and Santorum. Is he getting the kind of attention from the press that warrants? Hardly.

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  1. I like the angle anyone but Obama. Romney is dead to me, not a true conservative and just o slick for me. He also feels global warming is legitimate and that was the last straw for me. I like pawlenty I hope he continues to do and say the right things. Christie and Ryan are definitely not running. The others are not viable against Obama in my opinion. “Are you better off than you were four years agao?” We need another one like that! Keep up the good work Pat!

    JG out

  2. Agree on Romney. The standard liberal belief that Global Warming is manmade, is responsible for so much of the job destroying Obama agenda. Any republican candidate that doesn’t have the guts to say this is not worthy of my vote. And I don’t want to “hold my nose” and simply vote against Obama. Nor do I want a republican candidate who wants to try and compete with the liberal message, which is selling the utopian dream. It doesn’t exist. Government is not supposed to take care of everyone’s “cradle to grave” needs. So republicans must stop telling everyone that “their plan” will do the same as the democrats, only better, cheaper, privately etc. Healthcare for every single person is not a right. It has to be paid for. Some people will fail. Some people want to be poor, don’t want to work, don’t want to educate themselves. The conservative message must be about universal ideas/principles that apply to everyone, not crafting different messages that apply to different groups. That’s what the democrats do.


  3. Anybody but Obama is the right way to go. I find it so hard to believe that Obama is not being savaged more by the GOP. Their rhetoric is very mild as compared to what the left does to any GOP announced candidate and even ones who are slightly thinking about it. Lets pound this fraudulent socialist back into the murky depths that he came from!

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