Republican Primary Update

In a recent 24 hour span we eliminated 3 potential GOP primary candidates.

First Mike Huckabee announced he was not running (as predicted here).

Next Donald Trump not only announced he was not running, (predicted by everyone paying attention), he was deprived of the chance to boost ratings for the finale of the unwatchable train-wreck: Celebrity Apprentice.

Lastly Newt Gingrich imploded on Meet the Press in a fashion that exceeded the expectations of even those of us who knew he’d blow it eventually. I just thought he’d liven things up for more than a day. Charles Krauthammer and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor have already declared his candidacy dead, strangled in the crib.

These are all welcome developments. It has been nauseating to watch the left gloat as they charge that the Republican party is in disarray and leaderless. Lost on them is the irony that they are stuck with their own deeply-flawed candidate in Barack Obama. David Axelrod was able to fool the majority of swing voters last time around that Obama was a brilliant, pragmatic centrist. He didn’t fool us and now the gullible ones are angry at having been bamboozled. Those that ignored his spotty record of voting “present”, and his long-running relationships with Rev. Wright, unrepentant terrorist William Ayers and countless others on the radical left will now be confronted with his failed presidency.

The Republican campaign is already established. We are hosting tryouts for the leading role. The mission is agreed upon: Repeal Obamacare, cut spending and reverse the trajectory of an increasingly intrusive government.

Next up? Mitch Daniels-or as some are calling him: Myth Daniels. He has baggage like most of the others. His wife is not supportive of his candidacy and in the past has been unsupportive of Mitch as well. She divorced him for another man leaving behind four young daughters. Oops. He was Bush’s budget director for “No Child Left Behind”, the prescription drug entitlement and an increase in spending and deficits. He has voiced support for a VAT tax and is a global warming Kool-Aid drinker. That’s all I need to know. Find more here: LINK

So where does that leave us? I don’t know if Michele Bachmann will run. It’s all about money and as much as I like her I don’t know if I’d consider her a good investment. Herman Cain will officially announce this Saturday, May 21st, and I’m assuming he’s in. That’s great. Herman is a breath of fresh air, scoring high marks in the first debate. He debunked the myth of Washington “experience” with the punch line, “How’s that working out for you”?

I don’t need to rehash the long-shot status of Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. I’ll simply say that their controversial views on some issues, lead voters to dismiss their very sensible solutions on other issues, as radical.

The hoped for candidacies of Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio remain unlikely. A late entry by a white knight is fun to consider but for now we need to focus on the reality.

Sarah Palin is not running. She is merely dragging out that announcement for as long as she can. I disagree that she will play a role as “kingmaker”. She is irrelevant.  Her time in the spotlight is soon to end. We’ll have an exciting race to watch and she won’t be a part of it. Even Fox news will be faced with diminishing returns for the money they pay her.

Romney is mortally wounded. He is not taking the necessary steps to save his candidacy. It will be a slow, painful and expensive death.

That leaves us again with Tim Pawlenty. The liberal media is literally ignoring him. What does that tell us? When they conduct polls they still throw in Palin and others who are not running. They are trying to obfuscate the situation. But take a look at “Intrade”, the online betting site. Pawlenty is number two right behind Romney. LINK

Now that the clowns are dropping out Pawlenty is going to get a serious look. He has fewer problems than the rest. That just might be enough. For the last minute potential heroes the question they should be asking themselves now is: Can Pawlenty win and will I feel confident supporting him-or do I need to jump in?

Pat Duggan

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  1. Well written comments Pat, I am not sure who I would like to see run, maybe Pawlenty and I agree with all of the others except Romney, I think he can turn it around and with his solid business sense I think he could beat Obama. We shall see.

  2. Pat, well presented post. Hope that those who’ve lived in MN during Pawlenty’s term will weight in with comments.

    I’m looking for the Rep nominee to be a more in-your-face personality who will speak in ‘honest’ language [read no trying to please everyone]. No weasel words please. Herman Cain, who is surely a long shot, fills this bill for me. Perhaps a Christie, another long shot, Cain ticket would excite the Rep base. Christie, I’m told, has views that may leave some social conservatives wanting. Hope they can swallow and accept that the federal budget is the missile coming our way in a downward trajectory. If we fail to return fiscal sanity there is no hope for changing the morality of this culture. Important times ahead. Be of good cheer!!

  3. Hi Pat,

    Why so dismissive of Sarah? She sure gets her share of attention for being so irrelevant. Why simply grant the left victory in their destruction of Sarah Palin. She was a conservative governor with a solid track record with no need for a mea culpa. This, while the rest of the field races to the right explaining their past transgressions to capture the primary victory before making a left turn on their way to the general to capture the sacred “independents”. Is it not possible that with the state of affairs we find ourselves in now, which will only be getting worse, Sarah Palin’s commonsense solutions will register? Why take a chance with a wishy-washy establishment repub, when we can put up someone who will be a clear and stark contrast with the disaster that is in the WH now?

    • You make many good points and I must note: I am a fan of Sarah Palin. I am simply handicapping a race here and I want our team to win. I think the very future of the United States is at stake. Hell, even with a GOP president and a majority in both houses I think it’s going to be tough because so few have the economic understanding to understand the problems and even fewer have the guts to take the necessary steps. We need a couple decades of pro-growth policies and entitlement reform to have a chance.

      I have two issues with the fair Sarah, and one is entirely not her fault. McCain destroyed her budding career with his stunt, pushing her into a very hostile, national-liberal-media spotlight. She was not ready. If someone asked me what papers I read I’d quickly tell them: Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and the rapidly declining Chicago Tribune. I’d add that I’ve been a subscriber to Forbes for 25 years and that I read a whole lot more online daily via Real Clear Politics, Townhall, Drudge and many other sites. She absolutely blew it. No one gets a second chance to make a first impression.

      The second issue is how she’s spent her time in the last two years. The reality shows etc. are not the way to raise your profile. Quitting the Governor post is a problem, even though I understand her reasons for doing so.

      This is not in any way caving to the left or surrendering to their incoherent attacks on her. I still firmly believe that she would have been a far better president in the past 2+ years and would be a better one going forward than the total incompetent there now. I am also certain that the Democrat party has little to offer in terms of improvement. That whole party has been revealed as a socialist cult.

      What this is about is an acknowledgement that elections are won by solidifying the right wing base and then drawing the persuadable middle to our side by presenting the common sense solutions we need. I think too many in the middle chose BO last time and will be loathe to vote for SP this time because it forces them to confront their mistake. Give them a Pawlenty or a Ryan or Christie and they’ll jump on board. They’ll say things like “If only the GOP had presented a decent candidate like this last time…” but that will be a disingenuous copout.

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