Yup, I’m Extreme

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have their marching orders and they are following them.

They’ve boosted spending to record levels and now that the Republicans are demanding some really small steps in the other direction they’re having yet another tantrum. In order to once again deflect blame in the wake of their fiscal malfeasance they have decided to blame the Tea Party and label them as “extreme”.

OK, I guess I am extreme.

I’m extremely worried about the fiscal mess our country is in.

I’m extremely frustrated that with a $1.5 TRILLION dollar deficit Republicans are suggesting $60 billion in cuts and the Democrat response is “how about zero?”

I’m extremely troubled by the inflation I see. Gas is $4, gold is $1,400 and the price of just about everything except my house is rising fast. The question is not will we have inflation-the question is: how much worse than the 70’s will it get?

I’m extremely insulted by the hundreds of waivers granted to companies friendly to the Obama administration, excusing them from the health care mandates that have already increased my health insurance premiums.

And I’m extremely sick of Chuck Schumer and his pals playing political games and holding the economy hostage while America goes deeper into debt at a rate of about $4 billion a day and rising.

Pat Duggan

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