2012 Election Part III: Demographics

Demographic groups and how to reach them:

The youth of America will support the party that doesn’t mortgage their future. The GOP needs to formulate that message in ways that speak directly to younger generation. It is simple math. The GOP should avoid awkward attempts to be cool but terms like “conservative” don’t help either. The youth needs to embrace concepts like new, modern, hi-tech, job-friendly, business friendly, best hope for the future. Educate but don’t patronize. If done right these young Americans will be asking more from their teachers and demanding the other side of the story. We need to counter balance the left wing rhetoric they are exposed to on campus. Business leaders need to step up. GOP: your very future depends on it.

The seniors of America are more than just recipients of Social Security and Medicare benefits. They are investors and business owners and the wealthiest demographic group. And they vote. Many work well into their 70’s and 80’s. They are also parents and grandparents who do not want to leave their families with a bankrupt country. While they are justified in wanting the benefits they paid for they understand that the politicians already squandered them. Compromises are possible here. Means testing in exchange for cuts in capital gains for instance. Mass resignations by those who created the mess would be a nice touch.

The middle class have everything to lose if we stay on this path and everything to gain by getting the economy back on track and the budget under control. They need to feel that their voice is heard. This is what the tea party brings them. The lower income brackets aspire to rise up the ladder. The top brackets know they already pay more than their “fair share” and are sick of seeing it squandered.

Minorities and Immigrants want the very things the GOP can bring: a better economy, protection of individual rights, sane immigration policy and pragmatic policy for energy and education. Many have fled tyrannical regimes and they support a strong national defense and pride in the USA.

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  2. […] 2012 Election Part III: Demographics […]

  3. […] 2012 Election Part III: Demographics […]

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