Obama Screws Another Ally: Israel

With all the turmoil in the Middle East this seems like the worst possible time to throw our key / only ally in the region under the UN bus.

We should be withdrawing from the UN and aligning with an organization of free countries. Instead we host this reprehensible club that provides a stage for the world’s worst oppressors to deliver anti-U.S. and anti-Israel / anti-Semitic rants.

I thought we won World War II? I thought we were committed to honoring the victims of the Holocaust by assuring that it would never happen again?

Even if we disagree with Israel we should deliver that message in private.

We should never send such a message via the forum that plays host to  tyrannical dictators hellbent on the destruction of the free nation of Israel.

Obama and his gang are doing irreparable harm to this great nation. It is getting harder to decide if the foreign policy or economic blunders are worse.


Pat Duggan

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