State of the Union? Desperate.

I don’t like watching the State of the Union speech. It doesn’t matter who’s President. This is political theater at it’s worst. I knocked out a few shows that were taking up space on the DVR then returned in time to see some recap commentary and Paul Ryan’s response.  I read the speech quickly this morning. This is the only way to go.

As I type this 24 hours later this speech has been fully dissected from every angle and I’ve heard / read some smart observations, witty commentary and just pathetic defense of this truly awful speech. One quote pretty much sums it up, from Sen. Jim DeMint, “It’s hard to take the President seriously.”


Seriously. The State of the Union?

  • Unemployment is 9.4%
  • Foreclosures are at record levels
  • A record number of Americans are upside down on their mortgage
  • This year’s budget deficit is projected to pass 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS (LINK)
  • Entitlement liabilities exceed 100 TRILLION DOLLARS
  • States face a public pension shortfall of 2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS
  • China, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and now Iran have nukes

I could go on and on, but the point is made. We face serious problems.

There was not one serious solution put forward.

Obama does not write these speeches and his magical reading of the teleprompter could not convert this tripe into something palatable. Even Democrats surely know that all of this is, to use an over-used word, unsustainable. We deserve better. We deserve the truth. Obama talks up high speed rail when we are going off the rails at high speed.

I’ll finish with the first quotable comment I heard, just moments after the speech ended, from our friend Mike Ashton at the E-piphany blog LINK:

“He even mocks his own policies” LINK

Pat Duggan


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  1. When you get a good half hour to relax, please focus your attention on what the speaker says in the attached link. Truely Remarkable and understandably ignored by the liberal media that controls the ‘message’.

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