The GOP is Taking a Stand

Count me among the many who’ve lamented over the years that there’s not a big difference between the two major parties. They seem to be two sides of the same coin. Social issues like abortion that provide separation are frequently not the ones that drive our voting decisions. Both parties are guilty of spending our money irresponsibly. Compromise in politics is redefined as both sides get pretty much everything they want without sacrifice. Its all take and no give. The taxpayers are always the victim.

Barack Obama was elected for multiple reasons. He reads speeches well and the GOP under George W. Bush had lost all credibility regarding fiscal responsibility. Voters no longer felt that Republicans were their best bet to get spending under control. They dwelt on the exaggerated budget surpluses of the Clinton era without considering the  role of the GOP Congress or the “peace dividends” that were a result of Reagan-era conservatism. The costs of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were given great weight while the cost of not defending this country was not considered.

We were quickly reminded what Democrats are capable of when given super majorities. Spending exploded as the economic crisis was exploited with decades of liberal wish-list items shoved through under the guise of “stimulus.” Sentiment turned so quickly that special elections of 2009 were impacted. Republican candidates won governorships and Scott Brown pulled off the big upset by winning the seat held by Ted Kennedy in liberal Massachusetts by promising to vote “no” on the health care bill.

The loss of the 60th Senate seat forced Democrats to turn to dirty political tricks to force that legislation through against the obvious will of the American people. Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote. The Democrats refused to consider any and all Republican input and then had the audacity to call them the party of “No”.

Voters saw through through the name calling. Conservatives and free-market advocates want our party to say no to socialized medicine, bailouts and climate scams. With help from the Tea Party the reform of the GOP began. There were primary upsets and new faces are now in Washington. Older, “experienced” politicians who helped create the mess are on “double-secret probation”. RINOs are on notice that “reaching across the aisle” is not a virtue when core issues are at stake. The era of permanent government programs is coming to an end.

In Illinois our problems are severe. The political hacks and their patronage armies are so entrenched that change will be slow to come-but there are glimmers of light. The recent vote for a massive tax hike-while spending continues to rise-has tax payers in revolt. One sign of hope was the straight party line vote. Not one Republican State Senator or Representative voted for the tax hike. The Democrats own this.

While our last Republican Governor is still in jail he will have his Democrat successor with him before too long. Everyone is coming to understand the mess that the public-sector worker pensions have become and the Democrats are the undisputed partners in that mess.

The GOP needs to carefully articulate their message. They need to provide separation on the key issues in specific terms. The number one issue that needs attention is the role of housing policies and government agencies in the financial crisis. The scapegoating of Wall Street needs to be replaced with investigations of Fannie Mae and politicians who steered it toward disaster. The parade of Democrats involved will include Chris Dodd, Rahm Emanuel and even Barack Obama. The GOP has a golden opportunity if they will just take advantage of it.


Pat Duggan

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