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Charles Krauthammer has declared that ridiculous attempts to blame virtually the entire political right wing, from Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh to the Tea Party for the Arizona shooting rampage shall now cease, the matter being laid to rest based on the quotes of a classmate who said that the shooter “did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.” LINK

While I agree that the left has failed in this attempt, I doubt they will ever let it go. While I’d bet this tragedy is not a big issue in the 2012 elections, the left will persist in invoking the themes of gun control, violence, and “inflamed rhetoric” and will attempt to leverage them into advancing various items on their agenda including reinstatement of the “Fairness Doctrine” or other methods of subverting the First Amendment to silence conservative voices.

Having already weighed in (LINK) on the many crazed attempts to make this something it is not, I’ll defer to this column that does a good job of accurately describing what really happened LINK. A clearly insane young man (It’s rarely a woman but-Chicagoans remember Laurie Dann) went on a shooting spree, targeting the focus of his obsession with innocent bystanders wounded or killed in the process. The targets of obsession can include co-workers, fellow students, celebrities and other public figures, like politicians. This was not a political act or statement of any kind.

Dr. Krauthammer went further, swooning over yet another Obama speech. Yes, the President said many of the right things for such a solemn occasion-yet I thought he should have halted the applause quickly with a reminder that this was a memorial-not a political rally. The only appropriate spot for applause was the announcement that Gabby Giffords had opened her eyes for the first time. Frankly, I think Mr. Teleprompter is just a little too used to cheering crowds to realize that it is not always appropriate.

Dr. Krauthammer is the leading conservative voice declaring that Obama’s recent moves–from the tax compromise to the appointment of Bill Daley–are a perfectly choreographed pivot to the center, giving him a big boost in his odds for reelection in 2012. With all due respect to Dr. Krauthammer–and I remain a fan, in awe of his talent–he’s gone overboard, with a huge tide of negatives still confronting the administration.

Many self-described centrists / independents still feel hoodwinked now that Obama’s intentionally-vague campaign slogans have been replaced with very specific and very damaging policy moves.

Appointments such as Eric Holder and his outrageous handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case remind us of other foolish appointments such as Van Jones.

The worldwide apology tour remains an insult to proud Americans.

Iran and North Korea serve as constant reminders of the failure of his naive foreign policy.

Groping by TSA agents is an everyday insult to American who know who the enemy is and support profiling to neutralize them.

They didn’t like the methods by which Obamacare was shoved through and now they are seeing the actual policy damage playing out while some are granted waivers.

The EPA is going rogue, trying to force carbon regulations after cap and trade was rejected, and the FCC is attempting a power grab via “net neutrality”.

Unemployment is high.  Oil is $91 and gold is $1,380, hinting at inflation down the road.

Foreclosures remain at high and dangerous levels. Record numbers of homeowners are upside down on the mortgages. The housing bubble that was at the core of the financial crisis remains unaddressed. A thorough investigation of Fannie and Freddie is not on the agenda.

Democrats were swept out in the mid-term elections. Obama was spared only because he was not on the ballot. Little has changed and there is a good chance that much of what troubles this nation will only get worse in the next 22 months. In fact the clueless policies of this administration and the remaining Democrats in Congress almost assure it.

Pat Duggan

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