Earmark Test

We’ve been hearing about earmarks for a while now. They’d like us to think they’re complicated. They’re not. But a simple stance on such a simple issue is tricky when we have  rational voices weighing in on both sides. Krauthammer and Inhofe are reliable, good guys but they’ve explained that by eliminating earmarks we don’t cut spending-just shift the power of specific allocation of funds from the district’s congressman to the executive branch. Fine. Don’t allocate the funds. Most of these earmarks are federal funds used for local projects. It’s pork. If this stuff is so important then let the locals do it with local dollars.

But what really gets my blood boiling is not the “watching sausage made” excuse for the process-it’s the total dismissal of the cost by nearly everyone, including both McCain and Obama during the election. How many candidates have we heard say, “Well, it’s only 1.5% of the budget so it won’t have an impact in cutting spending.”


Never mind that our elected officials have an obligation to watch every penny! Never mind that politicians who don’t watch the small stuff can’t be trusted with the big bucks! Never mind that bribes are made in such ways!

Never mind. Just try this simple test:

Go up to a guy making $200K a year-you know, right at the “rich” threshold-and tell him you need 3 grand cash for a turtle tunnel or one of the other idiotic expenditures of our worse than useless congress. Then tell me 1.5% doesn’t matter.

Check out Sen. Tom Coburn’s waste list here: LINK

Pat Duggan

Just added, Sen.Coburn on earmarks in NRO: LINK

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  1. I agree–the earmarks are being made out to be a complicated necessity as opposed to a more honest assessment being that of scoring political points.

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