Carbon is Life

Cap and trade is dead. The Obama gang will attempt to implement their economically deadly agenda through the too-powerful EPA.

As with other issues, the left wing is driven by misguided emotion and will not acquiesce so we must continue to broadcast the facts.

This is one of the best concise arguments I’ve read. The authors have undeniable credibility. It makes clear the three major points:

1. Carbon is a key component in the cycle of life-not a pollutant.

2. Proposed “solutions” to this imagined problem are economically harmful yet would have little effect on temperature.

3. There has never been a consensus-only an orchestrated attempt to silence those who would not submit to the enviro-liberal agenda.


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  1. Hi, nobody on either side of this argument claims that carbon is a pollutant or that it is not necessary. The central issue is how much is acceptable in the atmosphere. Many say we need to get it under 350 parts per million to have any chance of stemming the tide of climate change. All this stuff about carbon is life is irrelevant to the issue.
    Your Bro

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