GOP Needs to Clarify Their Message

Yes, Republicans are going to win a lot of seats next month. They should take the House and have a decent chance of splitting the Senate. Even with 50 the RINO factor will dilute their power and Obama maintains the veto. Most importantly though, voters are rejecting Democrats more than they are embracing Republicans. Only to the extent that they follow through on TEA party planks and real fiscal restraint will they build momentum going into 2012.

The economy is still a mess. Unemployment is officially 9.6% but everyone understands that the real figure is much higher. Not only have Obama and the Democrats in congress not made this a priority, choosing to jam through a health care bill that a clear majority of Americans opposed, they’ve attempted to obfuscate their non-fix by inventing the ridiculous new talking point that claims they “saved or created” millions of jobs. This attempt to claim the un-measureable only further damages whatever credibility they have left. Voters are reminded that the Democrats’ default economic plan is always to raise taxes and grow government. This has never created a job and it never will.

FDR presided over a long depression. We have term limits because of him. Obama and the Democrats have embraced his failed theories with predictable results. Hammer that home and spell out the solution in short sound bite worthy terms. Free Enterprise and the American Dream.

Obamacare is being revealed to be a 2,000 page package of lies. If the GOP is not 100% committed to repeal of this mess expect the TEA party to abandon ship and launch a true third party. This would do certain short term damage to the GOP. Luckily the Democrat party is self destructing without the TEA party’s help.

The housing mess that is at the core of the ongoing economic crisis was decades in the making and is far from over. The congress could spend the bulk of the remainder of Obama’s first and final term investigating Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Community Reinvestment Act. If they started soon they might be able to derail Rahm Emanuel’s campaign for mayor Chicago. Last I checked there is no such plan. Foreclosures continue and prices are barely stabilizing.

The GOP needs to get on top of this now. The campaign for President in 2012 begins the day after the midterm elections. There is zero chance that the economy is going to recover in any significant way. The FED has short term interest rates at zero and holding. Their “quantitative easing” policy (printing money) is sure to result in a troublesome round of inflation as the gold market is now signaling. They’ve already deployed whatever weapons they have.

That is no substitute for pro-growth economic policy. The Republican Party needs a national campaign that will give voters a crash course in economics that will help them understand the role that liberal housing policy has played in distorting markets and causing the bubble that, when it popped, endangered the banking and economic system.

The solution is what has always worked before: low taxes and a government that gets out of the way and lets business people run their businesses without non-stop interference. The GOP lost their way and their identity. The party needs to circle the wagons and get everyone on the same page. Across the board spending cuts mean there are no sacred cows. Earmarks should be declared dead. Lastly, they need to tell the truth about social security. Chris Christie has shown that constituents can handle the truth. This is the best way to disarm the favorite Democrat TV commercials: “Joe Republican wants to take away your social security”.

The truth is that Congress took it long ago and spent it on bridges to nowhere. The party that tells the truth will be forgiven-sort of. The other one will bear the brunt of the blame. Democrats deserve to be the symbol of bankrupt entitlements. Help them take ownership of it.

Pat Duggan

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