Under the Radar?

This will not get a lot of attention-but it should. The recently passed, so-called “financial reform” bill included a provision for a “Consumer Financial Protection Agency”. Obama is appointing Elizabeth Warren to oversee the creation of this agency.


There will be no senate hearings. Just add her to the list of Czars. While the TEA party impacts the primaries and the GOP is set to make significant gains, the Obama gang keeps pushing their extreme left agenda in any way they can that doesn’t include our vote.

Never mind that the bill does nothing to address our real financial problems, specifically ignoring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Democrats are not interested in the truth-only advancing their agenda. They will not dismantle the agencies or end the policies that resulted in the creation of dangerous mortgages and the forcing of banks to traffic in them-but they’ll spend billions of our hard earned tax dollars to create an agency to “help” us avoid the traps they created and continue to protect.

This whole agency is a big “nanny state” monstrosity, but the selection of Elizabeth Warren guarantees that it will be as awful and intrusive as possible. Here is a great column by Alan Reynolds that appeared in Investors Business Daily a few weeks ago.


Pat Duggan

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