Political Snobs

It has been truly amazing to see the political class throw a hissy fit over the recent election cycle and the TEA party influence. Elected officials, TV talking heads, radio hosts and print columnists of all stripes are struggling to wrap their heads around this phenomena. It seems the longer they’ve been around the harder it is for them to think outside a box they’ve occupied for decades. Watch how fast things change as we approach the November election. Karl Rove has quickly back pedaled from his nasty comments about Christine O’Donnell and now-of course-supports her.

I exchanged emails with Karl a while back after he wrote a piece predicting big gains for the GOP. His assessment of the GOP chances for grabbing 10 senate seats included gushing that “Mark Kirk is a strong candidate…” I pointed out that Kirk was a problem candidate as one of eight Republican house members that voted for “cap and trade” and that the TEA party voters would not rally behind him in the general election. He asked that I “honor the outcome of the GOP primary”-and I will. Now it appears he is taking his own advice after giving the Democrats some nifty soundbites for their mud slinging ads for their socialist candidate for Delaware Senator.

Allegedly conservative columnist Steve Chapman wastes our time once again in his regular column in the failing Chicago Tribune here: LINK

Here’s how he starts out:

“Here’s my first impression of the tea party movement: It’s a rabidly right-wing phenomenon with a shaky grasp of history, a strain of intolerance and xenophobia, a paranoia about Barack Obama, and an unhealthy reverence for Fox News. Any movement that doesn’t firmly exclude Birchers, birthers and Islamaphobes is not a movement for me.

Here’s my second impression of the tea party movement: We are lucky to have it.

That’s because the tea partiers, who may not all agree on gay marriage or birthright citizenship, are united behind a couple of sound goals: curtailing the cost of government and refusing to live at the expense of future generations.”

So he starts out with a slanderous generalization and then takes it back-sort of-by admitting to the more accurate description of their common threads. What a schmuck.

The TEA party resonates because it is real. It is grass roots. They balance their budgets-without taxing anyone-and expect their elected officials to do the same. When money is tight they might cut back on dining out, or vacations. The least our elected officials could do is not give “stimulus” money to a genital washing program in Africa. LINK

I’ve often said that any housewife could balance the federal budget because they do it everyday with less. Is it any wonder that women with seemingly meager qualifications are winning elections against the experienced candidates like Mike Castle who presided over the decades long creation of this mess?

We need common sense solutions to problems that the political class pretend are too complicated for anyone but them to solve. TheĀ  TEA party is a growing group of motivated voters set out to prove just that.

Pat Duggan

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