Election Recap

The Republican party is undergoing a TEA party transformation. Even in the face of long odds in the general election Delaware voters rejected the worthless RINO Mike Castle in favor of long shot conservative Christine O’Donnell. GOP voters are demanding better of their candidates and they are succeeding. They are throwing the bums out.

And the Democrats? Well they nominated scandal-ridden hack Charlie Rangel. Again. At age 80 he is the poster geezer for term limits. No principles at work here. Just business as usual. The steady destruction of that party from within continues apace.

It is not often I disagree with Charles Krauthammer-or Karl Rove-but this is not as simple as “nominate the best bet in the general election.” We are faced with a steady stream of imperfect candidates. The key question is:

If elected, can we count on their votes in the crucial issues regarding repeal of Obamacare, rejection of cap and trade, smaller government and free markets?

Christine O’Donnell is a reliable vote. Mark Kirk is not. Heck, John McCain is not, but there is no panic surrounding their candidacies.

It would be nice to capture the house and the senate and neuter Obama and his crew all at once but this is only a step in the process. November will be here soon and then we’ll have to focus on 2012-and a new president. Until then our congressional majorities will not be veto-proof under even the most optimistic scenarios. The message is being sent and even if Obama is too tone deaf to hear it, enough survival oriented Democrats are. They are not touting their health care bill-they are running away from it. Many are supporting extension of the Bush tax RATES (we do not call them tax cuts here-we haven’t had a tax cut in 7 years).

I saw Fred Barnes speak in early 2009 when things looked their darkest. The Dow was around 6700 and Al Franken was successfully stealing a senate seat. Obama was unveiling his agenda and seizing car companies to hand them to his union goons. Fred’s closing thought was a grasp for a silver lining. He said, “The one thing I’ve learned in all my years in Washington is that politics doesn’t go in a straight line.” I was reminded of that when Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. The surprises never seem to end.

We have a long way to go but we are headed in the right direction.

Pat Duggan

Update: Comments are encouraged but the template for this blog renders them small and hard to find. I will update posts to include these comments from time to time.

Here is a comment from a loyal reader  and friend who considers herself a “centrist”:

“Christine O’Donnell a reliable vote?  The women whose claim to fame is promoting abstinence (SALT) and giggling her way through an interview that included “you can’t masturbate w/o lust and therefore should abstain from that as well”? Whose own campaign mgr said she spent campaign funds for living expenses and non campaign expenses?

Here is part of my reply:

As far as I know there will be no votes upcoming on abstinence programs. And I agree with you it’s a ridiculous notion. As I said we are faced with multiple “imperfect” candidates. Certainly Christine O’Donnell would not even make my long list of candidates. All that said, my point is that Republican voters are not just going to toe the party line and support despicable candidates like Mike Castle who voted for cap and trade, cash for clunkers, TARP (I actually support that plan-as it was first proposed), and many other issues where he voted with big government liberals. He voted for the light bulb ban! (that is my pet peeve). He defied his own state’s term limits rules by gaming the system in a “switch”. He deserved to be rejected. Losing to a lightweight like O’Donnell underscores the point. I think it highlighted the interesting debate within the party.

Christine O’Donnell may be a dipshit but she’s not the only one. Right here in Illinois we have our choice of dipshits for senate: Kirk or Gianoulias. The Mayoral race will spotlight several more. When I speak of a “reliable vote” I am talking about the big issues: repeal of Obamacare, cap and trade and tax rates. She can be counted on there. Castle proved he could not. Kirk promises to change his stripes. We’ll see.

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  1. Good post. It is a process, and I hope we continue down the right path to correct the mess we are in.

    • thanks for checking out my blog and taking time to post a comment…
      all the best, Pat Duggan

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