GOP Is Blowing the Tax Rate Debate

This is driving me absolutely crazy. There are no “tax cuts” on the table. Without intervention from congress there will be a massive tax increase. The GOP needs to learn how to frame the debate and take control of the message. Everyone from RCP chairman Michael Steele to the TV/ Radio people are guilty of falling into this trap. This mistake started with Bush and the Republicans in 2001 and 2003 when they agreed to the “sunset” provisions that would force a future vote in an unsure congress. The Democrats knew then they would be calling them tax cuts forever.

Ask your favorite liberal: tell me exactly what is the specific “failed Bush policy” you think caused this economic mess? When pressed, if you get an answer it is likely to be “tax cuts to the rich”. They think that the government grows money on trees and gives it to rich Republicans.

John Boehner and the GOP geniuses need to take control of the situation. Every TV appearance, every soundbite should repeat this theme:

“We are talking about hard working Americans that are having 35% of their income seized and diverted to failed pork barrel spending programs. These are the small business owners that are the #1 source of new jobs that this damaged economy desperately needs. Even Keynes wouldn’t support a tax hike under these circumstances.”

That is the message. Hammer it home. Get out your Laffer Curve charts and explain it to the American people. Make them aware that for 64 out of 70 years until Reagan came along top marginal tax rates exceeded 50% and in most years were between 70% and 90%. Is there anybody who thinks the government deserves more then half of their paycheck-let alone 90%?


Pat Duggan

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