Daley Done~Good Riddance

For most of Daley’s 20+ years I endured the naive platitudes of his adoring fans “Oh the city looks so pretty”. My reply remains unchanged: At what cost?

Now we are finding out. The budget is in tatters with the Skyway sold and more recently the parking meter fiasco. The balance sheet is depleted. More debt and fewer assets, sold at huge discounts to true value, all rammed through without study or debate by methods that would Nancy Pelosi blush-if her fake face can still do that.

On top of the obvious financial malfeasance there are all the dirty deals, some proven, many more that just stink.

Daley’s retirement is a part of a new emerging pattern: career political hacks bailing out with their amassed wealth and leaving a mess for some other poor slob to figure out and for us to pay for.

The TEA party is having a major impact in elections nationwide and yet Illinois lags behind as evidenced by the GOP nomination of the pathetic Mark Kirk. Chicago level politics is worse. The power struggle will be a sight to see. Will there be a white knight like Paul Vallas stepping up to the plate? Will voters wake up or succumb to more pay to play corruption.

I am not optimistic. Rahm Emanuel. Gag me.

Pat Duggan

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