No Mosque

There are reasonable arguments to be made as to why the government should not intervene to stop the building of a mosque right next to Ground Zero. The first amendment says that the “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” That is not what this is about.

While this issue is not excessively complicated it is certainly not that simple. Sure we have a first amendment but we also have zoning laws and community standards. Intending to build a mosque at that location is an extremely inappropriate gesture at best. Reasonable arguments can also be made that much darker intentions are behind it. More on that later.

The statements of support by NYC Mayor Bloomberg and now President Obama are pathetic. They are attempting to take the easy way out. They will be held accountable by the voters of America who know this is wrong.  The acceptable response for a politician who prefers to hide behind the first amendment would be to say, “Look, I am a strong supporter of our constitution and particularly the first amendment right to practice whatever religion you choose. This however is a situation that calls for balance. There is a proper time and a proper place for religious expression and the Muslim community should consider the feelings of others. Ground Zero is a sacred place. A show of respect for that would go a long way toward advancing the Muslim image here in America. It may not be within my power to prevent the building of this mosque but I am asking that out of respect for the 3,000 lost souls that perished here that another site be chosen.”

I prefer the more direct approach. Expose the true intentions of those pushing this agenda. The main players in the push to build this mosque have ties to terrorism. The sources of funding  are suspect. Muslims have a history of building mosques on top of churches in conquered lands. LINK

As for the freedom of religious expression, Islam presents another problem. For Muslims there is no division between their religion and their political structure. Sharia law is what you get when Muslims are in control. The results are horrifying. The recent cover of Time Magazine gives some perspective here: LINK

A deeper analysis from American Spectator is here: LINK

As always Krauthammer nails it: LINK

Those that are pushing for this 13 story mosque to be built are not telling the truth. “Takeyya” is the sanctioning of lies to protect or advance Islam. We are being asked to be tolerant of the most intolerant people on earth. Many Americans simply don’t know enough about Islam to understand the implications here. I suggest this movie as a place to start: LINK

On a personal level my religious views are pretty simple. I was raised by Catholics. I went to Catholic schools from age 6 to 18 and received a solid education there. As for the religion, it didn’t take. Nothing earth shattering-it just doesn’t work for me. I think life is about pondering the mysteries and I have little use for those that presume to have all the answers. Certainly we live in a far different world than existed in the time of Christ or Mohammed. We have explanations for many of the mysteries of those times. We know the earth is not flat and that the solar system and universe is vast. Yet the biggest mysteries remain. It will always be so.

I live in a world of believers of various faiths. I am comfortable there. I attend weddings and funerals. I found it interesting when I studied the world’s religions in school and I rather like some of the concepts. When religion preaches tolerance and fair treatment I have no conflict. “Do unto others…” is a good rule to live by. But when your religion impels you to tell me how to live my life the line has been crossed. The Jehovah’s Witnesses who rang my doorbell know how I feel.

I am proud to be an American. I think our Declaration of Independence and Constitution have done more to advance peace and prosperity than anything written before or since. We are guaranteed freedom to practice the religion of our choice so long as it does not trample on the rights of others. A religion that advocated kidnapping and cannibalism would not be in synch with our Constitution so clearly there are limits to even the first amendment. It has been expressed in the past as the right to yell fire in a crowded theater-there is no such right. I am also guaranteed the right not to practice any religion at all. Islam does not respect that right. In this clash of Islam and our Constitution I choose the latter. The President swore an oath to defend that Constitution. It appears he needs reminding.

Pat Duggan

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