Shameless Liars

Social Security and Medicare are nothing but pyramid schemes forced on us by the government. This use of force only guaranteed one thing: that with the largest participation in history this “Ponzi” scheme would be the biggest and longest lasting. Some of us have been shouting this to a deaf public for decades. Others were blissfully ignorant. A third group had / has the audacity to defend it, insisting we’ve mischaracterized this crime. The day of reckoning is fast approaching. Those that see that they’ve been swindled are growing in numbers. Yet charlatans persist. Read here: LINK

This clueless hack resorts to a favorite accounting trick of the socialist left: double counting of assets or insisting that one wing of the government issuing the other an IOU somehow creates an asset. Here’s a better explanation of the fraud: LINK

Are you angry yet?

Pat Duggan

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