The Health Care Debate Continues

The holiday is over and our great country has survived another year. How many more will depend on our ability to reign in our out-of-control government and get our fiscal house in order. Social Security and Medicare have combined unfunded liabilities of more that ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS. Before we can even begin to deal with those numbers it is essential that we acknowledge how these monsters got this big and then stop adding to the problem by expanding the government’s reach into the health care markets. Willful ignorance of basic math is a continuing problem for voters and politicians alike.

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It has been my goal with this blog to advance debate among the left, right and middle of the political spectrum. To get anywhere on this we must admit when the opposing view is supported by hard facts. At a holiday BBQ  I found myself once again discussing politics with a left-of-center friend. Health care was mentioned. My friend tossed out a liberal buzzword commonly invoked here: “for-profit insurance companies.”  Now I had a choice to make. Did I get sidelined on a new topic and go into the benefits of profits and their absolute necessity in all industries-or why he expected those in the  medical profession to forgo profits while he was allowed generate them in his construction business-or focus on health care? I chose to attack a core misconception that has made coming to agreement impossible. I mentioned that the profit margins of the top health care insurance companies was between 3% and 4%. Remove their profits and we still have a big cost problem.

This is covered here: LINK and here: LINK

My friend refused to accept these figures so I refused to discuss it further. He can read this blog or look for the figures himself.  This is a big problem that seems common to many on the left. They are unable to deal with facts that contradict their world view. When confronted with figures that dispute their global warming theories they just retort that they must be propaganda from “big oil”.

I don’t expect anyone to accept my claims blindly but if you are going to argue a point then you should be willing to back it up and be ready to concede if you realize you are wrong. These can be uncomfortable moments-or truly liberating. A big part of my political awakening was driven by the discovery that much of what I’d been told was just false. As I embraced new ideas the energy flowed as things that had made no sense started clicking into place. Economics is like that.

Obamacare was shoved through without bipartisan or popular support. It was and is a convoluted bill that will drive the cost of care up while making rationing a certainty. It will cause a large number of doctors to leave medicine earlier than they had planned and force many future doctors to reconsider that field due to the mismatch of current education costs and expected future compensation. It did not address some of the core causes of rising costs like tort reform, defensive medicine,  insurance mandates and Medicare fraud. The list goes on.

Here’s a breakdown of what the bill will do if not repealed:


There is an underlying sense of inevitability when congress passes laws-or when the Supreme Court rules. But laws are repealed and even the Supreme Court has reversed itself recently on McCain Feingold and Kelo vs. New London, albeit too late to prevent real damage to personal property and freedom.

It is up to us and a new GOP or third party to hammer home these basic facts and save our health care system from socialized destruction.

Pat Duggan

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