Guest post: Greece. Our future?

This is a post from a guest who has requested and has been granted anonymity. That is a departure from our “mission statement” but we’re going to give it a try due to extenuating circumstances and the timeliness of the commentary. Read on:

We’ve seen the future of America and it is………Greek?

Anyone who is not paying attention to the breaking news coming out of Greece today is doing themselves and their loved ones a disfavor or, worse still, is in a state of denial. The political/economic disaster that is present-day Greece is a foreshadowing of what surely awaits America in the very near future. The main differences separating Athens (along with the rest of the EU in general) and Washington is that they have a head start on us in openly embracing Socialism as a national policy and are a smaller and less wealthy nation; but that is where the differences end. Has there ever been a socialist state that has not collapsed from within from the weight of irrational economic policies? The question, of course, is rhetorical but for the lemmings of the Left, hope burns eternal. Forget the lessons of the USSR, North Korea, Eastern Europe, East Germany, Cuba, Zimbabwe etc.; by golly, this time they’ll make it work! Their religion isn’t based on rhyme and reason, but on “Hope” and “Change we can believe in”. The Greek electorate, as well as our own, is guilty of naively accepting the multi-faceted socialist good life of government-controlled health-care, pensions, wages,  education etc. while turning a  blind eye to just how these Utopian programs would be funded. The health-care system is replete with “free” medical, dental, pharmaceutical and emergency services as well as highly subsidized medication costs (25%) not only for the tax paying citizens of Greece but also for those of other EU nations and immigrants; many of them illegal. Greece is a gateway for illegal immigration into Europe and to compound their collective woes in 2009, Greece had the EU’s second lowest (after Index of Economic Freedom Poland), ranking 81st in the world.

What makes any of this at all interesting to those of us on this side of the Atlantic are the parallels with our own growing discontent. This morning many public school students in Chicago were out of class to protest planned budget cuts and other measures being implemented by state officials to stem a seemingly ever-growing fiscal deficit. It should go without saying that students are uninformed and unconcerned about such matters but are being used as puppets by administrators, the teacher’s union and other interested parties who are as unwilling to relinquish their hold on wages, salaries, pensions and power as are their Greek counterparts.

May 1st , this past Saturday, is the traditional day for “undocumented workers” and their supporters to rally in cities across the nation and march in demand of comprehensive immigration reform (which is code for general amnesty while keeping the borders wide open for further illegal immigration and amnesty, ad nauseam). That day there wasn’t much to be seen in the mainstream media outlets so I focused exclusively on the Spanish-language stations. It brought quite a revelation but suffice it to say that they were catering to their own demographic with the added advantage that they did not expect English-speakers to be paying attention and hold them accountable. The fear-mongering, disinformation, and demagoguery were more blatant than in the mainstream media, if you can possibly imagine that, compounded by our President’s own public statement that Arizona’s new bill would put in  peril nice families taking their children out to an ice cream parlor. The non-natives are getting restless, so to speak, and more strident, vocal and even violent in their demands. Somewhere along the line, requiring legal status became synonymous with racism and those of us in favor, the obvious racists. I haven’t seen this line of logic since way back in the old days when disagreeing with President Obama was patently racist. The Democratic Party is hanging their political future on what they perceive as a monolithic Latino voting bloc and Congressman Gutierrez of Illinois and his ilk are out to make political hay by being very publicly arrested while allegedly fighting for immigrant (albeit illegal) rights. Just where those rights stem from is still a mystery to me.

The mass demonstrations are significantly different than in years past and credit in no small measure is due the Democratic Party. Gone are the Soviet, Mexican and Cuban flags which were a hallmark of those marches. Gone also are the ubiquitous shirts and banners emblazoned with the image of Ché Guevara. You would think that a professional public relations firm had taken over and massaged the image of the marchers. It was a necessary and timely make-over since there are yet those among us who understand the meaning of the hammer and sickle, though I doubt any of the marchers had a clue. With the passing of bills such as the recent one in Arizona and surely more to follow, we can expect an equal ramping up of public protest on the part of the illegals and their handlers. They have been led to believe that rights have accrued to them by virtue of just being here; and don’t expect anyone to relinquish said rights, imagined or otherwise, without a fight. The un-assimilated Muslim immigrants of France who have set fire to thousands of cars over the past few years should give us pause as we ponder the future of our own demographics.

Take a good long look at Greece, France, Sweden and other European battlegrounds. The lines are surely being drawn in our own land today.


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